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We are very excited to welcome the newest businesses to Roslindale Village -- Craft Beer Cellar. Owners Bryan Reeves and Marty Alvares-Reeves have signed a Letter of Intent with the ownership entity of the Substation Building to open a retail outlet in the ground floor of the building. Additionally, a Lease has been signed between the ownership entity of the Substation Building and Chris Douglass, owner of Tavolo and Ashmont Grill. Both businesses have an anticipated open date of winter 2015.

Bryan and Marty are both Roslindale residents and this will be Bryan’s first foray into retail, having been a craft beer hobbyist for many years. Bryan and Marty are very excited to open their business in Roslindale, having searched for the right location for some time.

Hear Bryan, the “Grand Brew-bah”, describe himself and the business in his own words! 


"Home-brewing is my hobby, but craft beer is my passion. I love learning about different beers, their ingredients, the brewers, and the stories behind their beer. I also really enjoy talking to like-minded beer enthusiasts and sharing what I’ve learned with others.  After a 15-year career in corporate Human Resources, I decided to lose the shirt collar and slacks to share my enthusiasm for really great beer every day!

As a Chicago native, I am still a White Sox and Bears fan, but after living in Boston for nearly 10 years, my loyalties lie with the “home team” and local craft beer!  My wife Marty and I currently live in Roslindale and we are proud to be a part of Roslindale Village; especially in the re-purposing of the Substation.  We look forward to getting to know our customers and neighbors!

Craft Beer Cellar’s focus is on awesome beer with flavor; not those beers whose ingredients are intended to lighten color or lessen quality.  Although I personally have a soft spot for Belgian and American Wild beers, I have an appreciation of all beer styles, and I am a firm supporter of New England craft breweries. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is home to nearly 50 craft breweries today! With such a diverse offering of quality beers available, it’s a great time to be a beer lover.

'What’s with the silly job title then,' you may ask?  'Grand Pooh-bah' is a facetious title describing someone who is self-important.  As a self-titled 'Grand Brew-bah,' my focus is on great beer without pretense. We are not snobs! We understand that as this industry grows and more styles are introduced, it is our job and mission to educate ourselves about new styles and share that information with people we come in contact with, each and every day. We have a great craft beer selection, very knowledgeable staff, and we look forward to helping you find your next favorite libation!" - Bryan Reeves