The One Thing – Centre Cuts Salon & Spa

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Well…it’s here — humidity! Along with our beloved warm weather comes the hair-defying humidity which destroys everything in its wake. Not so, say the stylists from Centre Cuts – not so at all. They swear that the ‘one thing’ everyone needs this season is Aveda’s Smooth Infusion (even the name sounds cool). How does it work? Well, it’s derived from organic cassava root which helps form a barrier against intense humidity. The more you use it – the smoother your hair becomes. Stop by Centre Cuts or check out their website ( to learn more. 

Roslindale Hardware’s One Thing

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Well…the snow is gone (thank God) but now many homeowners are facing another threat to their lawns; Grubs. Ewww…even their name makes people shudder. Destructive to lawns, hard to get rid of – what is the ‘one thing’ that can help? Well…Alex Porteleki of Roslindale Hardware (Ace), offered up a non-toxic solution:  St. Gabriel’s Milky Spore Granular Grub Control.  What is it you ask??

Milky spore powder is a naturally occurring microscopic bacteria that is used one time with one teaspoonful every 4 feet in a checker board pattern on your lawn.

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  • Apply anytime the ground is not frozen.
  • Ten year performance guarantee on the Japanese Beetle Grub (Can last up to twenty years).
  • Not harmful to man, animals or the environment, safe to use around water ways.
  • Kills the grub stage of the Japanese Beetle.
  • Natural bacteria eats the grub from the inside.
  • Does not harm beneficial insects.
  • Run – don’t walk – to get this for your lawns!

2014 Volunteer of the Year


Roslindale Village Main street is thrilled to acknowledge Richard Chalfin as the 2014 Roslindale Volunteer of the Year.

Richard Chalfin has significantly contributed to advancing the mission of RVMS through his work as a volunteer with the RVMS Farmers Market Committee. Richard Chalfin has been a regular member of the Farmers Market set up and break down crew during the summer Farmers Market – no easy task on a +90 degree day. Richard helped to launch the RVMS Winter Farmers market in January of 2015 which helped to bring foot traffic and activity to the district during a difficult winter season. Richard has also worked closely with another RVMS Farmers Market Committee volunteer and RVMS business owner, Karen Kirchoff of Karen Kirchoff Acupuncture & Herbs, to manage the Luminaria solstice celebration every December. The most recent Luminaria celebration was particularly successful thanks to the increased number of participating Roslindale Village businesses which hosted the luminaria lanterns in front of their businesses and the record number of volunteers who helped to fabricate the lanterns and distribute them. Thanks to his efforts, Richard has helped to ensure that Roslindale Village is a destination for locals and visiting friends all throughout the year.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Please join RVMS and the City of Boston at the annual Boston Main Street Awards to honor Richard as volunteer of the year as well as our Business of the Year with Mayor Walsh at the Strand Theater in Dorchester on Thursday, June 25th from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.

2014 Business of the Year

Roslindale Village Main Street is proud to acknowledge Delfino as the 2014 Business of the Year.


Delfino has been an anchor business in Roslindale Village for over a decade, helping to establish the business district as a destination for quality dining. Delfino, through many years of hard work and dedication, has consistently turned out a great product, drawn enthusiastic eaters to Roslindale Village from both near and far, won well-deserved praise from respected reviewers, and been a reliable and thoughtful neighbor and community partner. Owner Stephen Judge has further demonstrated his commitment to Roslindale Village by opening a second business in the district, presently under construction and slated for a summer 2015 opening. Having demonstrated his commitment to the district in great acts and small – whether it be regularly participation in the Taste of Roslindale or helping to shovel neighbors out from the winter from hell – Stephen Judge and Delfino embody what it means to support local neighborhood business districts and to be active, engaged, members of the community.

Please join us to honor Steve and Delfino as well as our Volunteer of the Year at the Boston Main Street awards at the Strand Theater with Mayor Walsh on Thursday, June 25th, from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.