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Some of you may have seen him at the Farmers Market, helping to set up tents or answer vendor questions. Some of you may have seen him in the RVMS office, working on this very e-newsletter or connecting prospective businesses with property owners. Some of you may have seen him in the district, working to set up an event or support a business in their effort to join something RVMS was putting together. Wherever it was that you saw him, you saw the RVMS staffer that we have been so fortunate to call ours for the past three years -- Ben Sommer. 

Ben joined the RVMS team as our Farmers Market Manager, and then a year later, transitioned into the role of Program Manager -- taking all of his enthusiasm, creativity, and smarts with him into a whole new batch of projects. Under Ben’s watch, the RVMS Farmers Market has expanded and grown into literally the best in Boston (winning Boston A-List in 2014 for best Farmers Market) and the RVMS office has developed a more robust social media presence including an expanded e-newsletter and Facebook presence. For all these accomplishments and so, so many more, RVMS will sorely miss Ben. As the person who was fortunate to work with Ben in the office day in and day out, I will most miss his sense of humor, his unflinching sense of calm, and his readiness to jump into projects. Who else would offer to sit outside in freezing March weather in a mock-up “parklett” to collect signatures and answer questions about the real parklett’s arrival? Ben would. And Ben did.  

Ben will be joining the City of Somerville as the Economic Development Assistant in the Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development. We are so very happy for him and so grateful for the time that he shared with us. It is with a heavy heart but also with much happiness that we congratulate Ben on his next adventure and wish him all the best. We will miss you, Ben! Thank you for all that you’ve done and brought to our community. We are a better place because of all that you did with us during your time here.