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Among the many restaurants contributing to Thursday’s “Celebrate RVMS!,” one particular vendor’s selection may surprise you. There will, of course, be cheese at the Boston Cheese Cellar’s station, but that won’t be all.

“We make sandwiches in the shop, with our fresh ingredients, our fresh delicatessen meats, cheeses, and our bulk items, artichokes and tomatoes,” says owner Adam Shutes, “and so the idea is to give people a taste of what we serve in the shop.”

While the downtown area boasts a few notable cheese shops, the Boston Cheese Cellar is unique in the neighborhoods. With a large selection of cheese from around the world, there’s something for every cheese lover – they even carry vegan cheese for the dairy-free cheese lover. But cheese and sandwiches are not their only offerings. The store also has a large selection of olive oil, deli meats, and other gourmet items. While the cheese is the center of attention, the shop’s other goods are equally deserving of the spotlight.

A Roslindale resident for more than seven years, Adam and his partner, Giuseppe Argentieri, took over the Boston Cheese Cellar in the spring, after the previous owners shut their doors. “I’ve always been very socially motivated,” he explained, “I had the chance to step into a very much beloved shop and save it, and try to maintain it and build on a great foundation.”

Adam has built on that foundation by introducing locally produced goods to the shop wherever possible. “Take the cheeses aside, because so many of them come from the rest of the world,” he says, “but maybe even 90% of other things we have come from New England, and maybe 60% come from Massachusetts… I’ve really tried to make an effort to have a locally sourced shop.” Among the locally sourced items are honeys from New Hampshire, Mattapan, and coming this weekend, honey from right here in Roslindale. If honey isn’t your thing, try a local mustard, locally produced chocolate, or, of course, a local cheese.

If you can’t make it to Celebrate RVMS Thursday, be sure to stop by the Boston Cheese Cellar to taste one of these sandwiches for yourself. Adam says that this fall, he’ll be introducing more Paninis to his sandwich rotation, including the Speck Taleggio Panini. “Taleggio is a washed rind cheese from Italy, and speck is like a prosciutto, but instead of curing it’s smoked. The taleggio melts beautifully over that. It’s a classic Northern Italian panini.”

If you are headed to Celebrate RVMS on Thursday (tickets are still available!), be sure to stop by and say “hello” to the Boston Cheese Cellar, and have a taste of one of their sandwiches. The Boston Cheese Cellar is just one of many reasons to celebrate Roslindale!



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