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Boston Cheese Cellar Owner, Adam Shutes, Offers Holiday Tips Just in Time for the Holiday Wander.

[caption id="attachment_6300" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Adam Shutes, Boston Cheese Cellar[/caption]


Story by Erin Doherty. Photo courtesy of Del Holston.

What are you planning for the Holiday Wander and the holiday season?

I’m going to have cheese platters and gift boxes that people can pick up and go. We’ll be staying open late until 9:00 those Thursdays, and will be part of the Posada.

What tips do you have for putting together a cheese plate for a holiday party?

The first thing I would say is pre-order. I would suggest to everybody that, rather than stand in line on the day before Christmas, give us a call or drop us an email about what you’d like, or come in another time and talk to us. We can have things ready for you and you then can just walk in and walk out.

Because there are only so many of us and it takes a lot of time to figure out what people want and if we can sort of ameliorate that across a couple of weeks or a week then that helps everyone. That’s the one tip.

And obviously we make the cheese platters so we are happy to do that but if you want to make your own then, there’s a number of different aspects to think about, both the look – you don’t want all cheeses which are white on a cheese platter – that would be boring. So you want to have some variety in color and variety in height as well. It’s nice to have some texture, 3 dimensional texture. Then obviously you have to think about tastes, what would go well together – or more often than not, what wouldn’t go well together, because most cheeses will behave together. Then you might want to think of some different species of milk, from different species of animals providing the milk. It’s nice to have a variety on a board. Then you can also take a completely different approach, which I’ve done before – a French cheese plate, an English cheese plate. So then you can structure it with only those countries. So within those bounds you then have to try to find things which go together. So it’s kind of a fun thing to do, we enjoy doing it.

What is a product that you have at Boston Cheese Cellar that might be a surprise to people who are shopping for the holidays – beyond cheese?

We have deli meats in the shop. I’ve had that since day one, and we have some really sensational imported Italian and Spanish hams, which are really, really fantastic. They are high quality meats, they are imported - come in, have a taste, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how different quality meat is.

What are you most looking forward to this holiday season – in and outside of the shop?

If I am thinking about what I am looking forward to in the shop, I actually really enjoy making cheese platters because that’s a really creative moment, and its it’s normally a challenge because you are given these restrictions or bounds in which you have to operate and its fun creating something.

I would happy with not a lot of snow – cold is fine, but not a lot of snow. I’d like to get on my bike a bit more. That’s kind of disappeared since I’ve owned the shop so I’m going to try to get on my bike more and go out mountain biking.