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by RVMS Marketing Committee Co-Chair Jocelyn Hutt

For the second year, Roslindale Village will be graced with the dulcet tones courtesy of the Boston Opera Collaborative performing what is now known as Pop Up Opera.  This Thursday evening, you can experience this delightful way to ring in the holidays in and around Roslindale Village. We asked the owners of some of the participating businesses what their thoughts were about this unique gift:

Joanne Rossman | Joanne Rossman -- Purveyor of the Unneccessary & the Irresistible:

“This is one of the most enjoyable events of an otherwise mad season!  What a delight it is to slow down, listen to the magic of opera on one single night of December.  It is such a joy to have those voices in each of our stores and restaurants and to savor the moment.  Last year I got a bit weepy when the women came into my store…this year I will hold back on the mascara just in case the happy tears start to flow!”

Tony DeBenedictis | Tony’s Market:
“Because I am an opera buff, I feel that this a chance to introduce some good music and good singing to everyone that comes. Opera was my first love.  I first heard music when I was about 5 years old, (at the end of the war), at a Festa in the center of my village.  It was a symphonia of Verdi’s Aida that the orchestra was playing.”

Deb DeBenedictis | Tony’s Market:
“I think one of the most wonderful aspects of this event is that it is put on by a group of businesses who decided to do something different and wonderful for the community.  It is an event that would be prohibitive for any one business, but is possible because of the cooperation of this group of businesses. Hurrah for the Roslindale small business community, and especially Birch St. House & Garden, Fornax, Joanne Rossman’s,  Sophia’s Grotto, Boston Cheese Cellar, and Tony’s, of course!”

Adam Shutes | Boston Cheese Cellar:
“The Pop-up is a great way of bringing opera out of the opera house, and making it more approachable. Opera acts as an incredible way to feel raw emotion - it can sweep us up in complete joy and love, as well throwing us into a storm of desperate sympathy, sadness and loss.  Once the opera is over, we can return to our normal lives, but hopefully feeling a little more enriched."

Elizabeth Swanson | Birch St. House & Garden:
“There is nothing better than to be in a store surrounded by the buzz of holiday energy as customers are shopping for gifts, until the first few notes of a familiar opera pierces the din. One by one everyone in the shop stops what they are doing, turns toward the trill, and just breathes."

Kimberly Fallon | Fornax Bread Company:

"There is something so magical about music around the holidays and with opera even more so.  Watching the looks of surprise on people’s faces when the singers popped up and started to sing brought tears to my eyes...this is another reason that Roslindale Village is so unique."

Sonia Garufi | Sophia’s Grotto:

“The red wine is flowing, the steaming bowls of pasta are being served, and diners are being serenaded by opera singers! This is the Roslindale Holiday Village Wander! This is why I #ROSlove.”