Meet Film Buff and Movie Nerd Kevin Tobin, Film Curator for the Roslindale Village (Walkable) Film Series.

The Roslindale Village (Walkable) Film Series has received an immediate and enthusiastic response from the community. We spoke with Kevin Tobin, one of the organizers, about who he is and how the film series came to be. 

holding_groundWould you call yourself a “movie buff” or a “movie enthusiasts”? Is there a good term for movie-lovers that movie-lovers themselves embrace? “Film-ophile?”

Film buff, movie nerd, cinephile — all in all, I love the audio-visual experience.

When did you realize that you were really into movies, more so than other people? Was there a particular movie that marked a turning point for you?

My mother was always a big movie and book person. Always reading, always watching something. I remember we would always go to Hellas Video, Arborway Video, and Videosmith, and I was just drawn to everything about them — the cover designs on the VHS, the previews, the behind the scenes, and of course, the movies themselves. There weren’t a lot of kids in my neighborhood when I was younger, so I was always watching movies and constantly re-creating movies I would watch through pretend.

I guess the “separation” came with films like Wild America (1997) and Adaptation (2002) which were films about film-making (or the process), that inspired me to try to do my own, and really get invested into the film/video world.

How did the Roslindale Village (Walkable) Film Series come to be and what is your particular role in it?

Steve Gag — what a guy. I had hiked with him and my father last summer and had expressed interest in trying to create a Roslindale film society, or something similar. Meanwhile, Adam Kessel and Matt Lawlor of WalkUP-Roslindale, had spoken with Steve about doing some sort of “walkable” or walking-inspired series of films. Steve and Laura Gang had hosted films at their home in the past, and, being such amazing organizers and community members, put the two ideas together and started talking to groups and business owners to try and make it happen. And a fine job they have both done! My particular role has been curation (coming up with movies and networking with the filmmakers/producers for access), poster design, and I will be moderating the series. Andy Cross, an old friend, has done a great work inventing surreal sketches and art for each individual film.

How did you pick the movies being shown?

Steve, my father Greg, and I would meet at Fornax every few weeks to come up with appropriate films. More often than not, films and their filmmakers require a screening fee (average $200), so we couldn’t show anything we wanted given our “no-budget” circumstances. I’m a documentary-fanatic, so I pushed a lot of social justice films, while Steve and my dad were interested in local fare. The list we came up with is a nice mix of male and female directed, Boston-based, progressive documentaries, that deal, community building, and our footprint in the global spectrum.

You must have many favorite movies but which are your top three for showing folks who seem like they are movie lovers and just starting to get into film?

The typical “film school” movies they teach are Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Bergman, Kurosawa or John Ford films. There’s just so much to dissect about those guys — the problem I have with the typical “film school” movies are they are mostly (not all, but mostly) American films, and they are more often than not directed by men (often white men). I know I’m not answering this question directly, and I could list dozens of movies that I loved and blew my hair back and made me re-think my context in the world and as an artist, but, I would not recommend any films to any one person in that capacity — like any other piece of art, it has to call out to you, or present an opportunity for you to see it, and it’s your responsibility to take the time or not take the time for the particular art. There’s so much out there at this point, it makes it really hard to narrow this into a list — everyone gets inspired by different people, different things.

What is your one guilty pleasure movie or movie aspect? Mine is that I’ll watch anything with The Rock (a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson) in it. Really, anything.

Oh, no, I’m going to be laughed at for this one — Pauly Shore movies. I’m a product of 1990s culture and The Weasel was one of my favorites (to my parents’ disapproval and dismay).

For a schedule of the films and up-to-date information about the film series, be sure to keep checking

Nontraditional Valentine’s Day Gifts Found in the Village

photos and article by RVMS Marketing Committee Member Elizabeth Hawley.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may be looking for a gift to give your special someone.

While Dandelions and Birch Flower Shop offer bouquets a­plenty, and the Boston Cheese Cellar and Tony’s Market both have a wide array of fine chocolates, Roslindale also has plenty of nontraditional gift options for your sweetheart.



Fit Choice 24/7, YMAA Boston, and Akasha Roslindale: ­show that you care about your partner’s health by committing to spend more time getting fit together.


The Thrift Shop of Boston: ­give your someone a unique gift that shows how thoughtful you are. Check out the vintage book section for a weathered copy of a personal favorite. Find the perfect vase for the traditional bouquet. Pick up a pair of ice skates for a romantic date. Or browse the aisles of the shop, looking for that perfect item.

 0206161449a  0206161453


Redgine’s Botanical Spirits: if your loved one needs a little pampering, stop by Redgine’s for a pre­packaged gift basket, or put together your own. From chocolate themed skincare to relaxing herbal teas, Redgine’s has plenty of gift items if your someone needs a little TLC. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Have a favorite quote or song lyric? Why not get it printed on a T­-shirt at Seymore Green?


Have a sign made at The Sign Post, so you can announce your love to the world.

Or cook the perfect meal with vegetables from the RVMS Winter Farmer’s Market and fish from The Roslindale Fish Market.

Photo by Renee DeKona
Photo by Renee DeKona



When it comes to Roslindale and Valentine’s Day, the possibilities are endless!

Valentine’s Day Report: Where is the most romantic food in Roslindale Village?

compiled by RVMS Marketing Committee Member Kelly Ransom and RVMS Staff.



Nothing says romance like a night out in Roslindale Village! Check out some of our local restaurants for a Valentine’s Day you won’t soon forget.

Redd’s in Rozzie promises a Sunday Suppah (5:00 pm to 10:00 pm) to warm you and your sweetheart’s souls! Dinner not your thing? Stop by for Valentine’s Brother’s Brunch instead. (10:00 am to 3:00 pm). 
A romantic cocktail on their menu: Purple Rain: tequila, pear liqueur, sherry, Creme de Violette

What’s more romantic than a night in an Italian restaurant? Sophia’s Grotto will be offering up some delicious dinner specials all weekend. They will be celebrating Valentine’s Day all weekend long (Friday, 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm), Saturday (12:00 pm to 10:30 pm), Sunday (12:00 pm to 9:30 pm)) and are taking reservations now.
A romantic appetizer on their menu: Sophia’s Meatballs: hand made with pork, beef and veal in a plum tomato sauce, topped with mushrooms and onions.

Delfino’s is serving up delectable Italian fare and is taking reservations for Sunday, February 14th (5:00pm to 10:00 pm). Call now because spots are filling up fast! 
A romantic and decadent entree on their menu: 
Open-faced Lobster Ravioli: pasta sheets layered with lobster, shrimp, scallops, and zucchini in a lobster cream sauce

Is sushi what your heart desires? Share a delectable Village Sushi Boat from Village Sushi (5:00 pm to 10:00 pm). and don’t forget to try the most romantic sushi: Hearts on Fire: spicy salmon with avocado wrapped in seaweed and lightly fried.

If Indian food is what you fancy then head to Shanti, a Taste of India. They are taking reservations for the 14th  (5:00 pm to 10:00 pm) and is encouraging patrons to check their website for updates on any dinner specials for the special occasion. We do know they are offering a special Valentine’s menu!
A romantic dish off the menu: Sikandari Raan: slow braised legs of lamb, served with okra

End your night on a sweet note at Delicious Yogurt (12:00 pm to 8:00 pm) with your own concoction of frozen yogurt and toppings.
Most romantic fro-yo? Italian Style Chocolate Gelato.

You can also check out Jimmies Ice Cream shop after dinner.
Most romantic ice cream? Pink peppermint ice cream never goes out of style. 

Staying in to cook for your sweetie? 

Tony’s Market is having a 10% off sale for all of imported Italian chocolates, as well as panettone for use as breakfast in bed French Toast. Also, during Valentine’s Day Week: February 7th to 14th, WHOLE SIRLOIN STRIP average 13-15 lbs, $9.99 per lb for the whole strip.

Fornax Bread Company is offering many special treats for Valentine’s Day, including cupcakes with buttercream roses by the dozen or two dozen, Valentine cookies, heart-Shaped cakes and even heart -shaped bread.

And, finally, a bit of Hidden Roslindale for you: A bit outside of the Square, Seven Star Bistro is offering a special Shakshuka Pop-Up by the Chubby Chickpea on Sunday mornings throughout February — including Valentine’s Day. Check out the details here. And, once you’re done eating, walk it off straight to the Village to shop with your loved one/s.