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photos and article by RVMS Marketing Committee Member Elizabeth Hawley.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you may be looking for a gift to give your special someone.

While Dandelions and Birch Flower Shop offer bouquets a­plenty, and the Boston Cheese Cellar and Tony's Market both have a wide array of fine chocolates, Roslindale also has plenty of nontraditional gift options for your sweetheart.


Fit Choice 24/7, YMAA Boston, and Akasha Roslindale: ­show that you care about your partner's health by committing to spend more time getting fit together.

The Thrift Shop of Boston: ­give your someone a unique gift that shows how thoughtful you are. Check out the vintage book section for a weathered copy of a personal favorite. Find the perfect vase for the traditional bouquet. Pick up a pair of ice skates for a romantic date. Or browse the aisles of the shop, looking for that perfect item.



Redgine's Botanical Spirits: if your loved one needs a little pampering, stop by Redgine's for a pre­packaged gift basket, or put together your own. From chocolate themed skincare to relaxing herbal teas, Redgine's has plenty of gift items if your someone needs a little TLC. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Have a favorite quote or song lyric? Why not get it printed on a T­-shirt at Seymore Green?

Have a sign made at The Sign Post, so you can announce your love to the world.

Or cook the perfect meal with vegetables from the RVMS Winter Farmer's Market and fish from The Roslindale Fish Market.

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When it comes to Roslindale and Valentine's Day, the possibilities are endless!