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Business Owner (Sebastian’s Barber Shop)

Silvana Ragusa is a long time resident of Roslindale. As a child, Silvana would walk to her father’s Roslindale business, Sebastian’s Barber Shop, to help out after school.  She learned skills from her dad, and not just cutting hair, but that honesty and hard work pay off. Silvana’s seen a lot of changes in Roslindale Village (for all you other fellow Roslindale-ites, she still finds it hard not to call it “the Square.”)  Roslindale always had a lot of good shopping – does anyone remember Parke Snow’s or Cummings? Silvana is proud that Roslindale has evolved to a small metropolitan happening neighborhood of Boston. Silvana attended Newbury College and earned an Associate’s Degree in Interior Design. Prior to returning to the family business when her father retired, she worked in design firms in Boston and Miami. Silvana brings her creative design ideas, organization and energy to the RVMS Board and the Marketing Committee. She very much enjoys being part of and involved in our wonderful community.