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The Substation Redevelopment project is moving forward as RVMS and our partners Historic Boston Inc. (HBI) and Peregrine Group have been putting some of the final pieces of the plan into place.

Construction of the residential units portion of the project is slated to start the week of July 28th, and with that, the Higgins Funeral Home (which abuts the substation building) will be slowly taken down. Folks may notice the first signs of this process occurring with construction fencing going up and some light mobilization of equipment at the site occurring.

The Higgins Funeral Home parking lot has been officially closed to the public for some time now and will continue to be closed during construction.

For public parking in Roslindale Village, please use the Taft Hill Municipal Parking lot (located behind the Greater Roslindale Medical & Dental Center, just off of South Street) or park all day long at the MBTA Commuter Rail lot off of Roberts Street for just $4.

Stay tuned for more updates and detailed timelines as we approach next week. The RVMS e-newsletter is a great source of up-to-date information as well as our webpage dedicated to the Substation Redevelopment project.