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The Roslindale Village Substation Building at the corner of Cummins Highway and Washington Street has been awarded $40,000 from the George B. Henderson Foundation in order to restore a prominent feature of the building – the windows, including the large ones which face out onto Washington Street.

The Substation, which represents the last major project in the 30 year revitalization of Roslindale Village, will be rehabilitated into a restaurant on the main level and office space or other commercial use on the lower level.  All rehabilitation work will adhere to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and has been approved by the Massachusetts Historical Commission (State Historic Preservation Office) and the National Park Service.

In addition to the restoration of the windows, other restoration work will occur. Masonry will be repointed to match the original mortar in strength, composition, color, and texture.  Any broken or cracked bricks will be replaced in-kind or repaired to match the original in size, color, and texture.  Existing concrete elements will be repaired to match the original in size, color, and texture.  The large copper clad wooden doors and door framing will be restored.  The doors will be fixed in an open position with a large glass wall placed within the opening, allowing occupants to see out and pedestrians to see into the Substation.

The Substation has been vacant since 1971 and has seen minimal upkeep. Thanks to grant funds from the Henderson Foundation, whose mission is “solely devoted to the enhancement of the physical appearance of the City of Boston and immensely contributes to an effort of preserving the local cultural and historic values”, the Substation Building will again be the proud building it once was.

The Henderson Foundation has awarded grants to many other notable restoration projects in the City of Boston and Roslindale Village is honored to now be counted among them. Some notable Henderson Foundation restoration projects include lighting the Chinatown gateway (2002), the Mallard Family Sculpture (a.k.a. “Make Way for Ducklings”) in the Boston Public Gardens (1998), and the casting of the “Bacchante” statue at the Copley Branch of the Boston Public Library (1993). You can view a full list of their projects, including more selected projects of note, at http://thehendersonfoundation.com/projects.html .