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The Redevelopment of the Substation has been a project of Roslindale Village Main Street (RVMS) for 14 years, and had efforts before that.  On Saturday, January 14th, we were able to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Craft Beer Cellar!

At the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting, RVMS Executive Director Alia Hamada Forrest gave some major shout-outs to the past Presidents and Directors of RVMS who've been involved with Substation Redevelopment and for whom it has been a labor of love. This Substation has not been occupied in over 40 years and to bring it back to life it has taken years of brainstorming, community meetings, soliciting ideas, evaluating pro formas, searching out developers and potential businesses, connecting with the City, the MBTA, and the Rozzie community. Thank you to former and current RVMS Presidents for their time and leadership:

Joe Portelecki
Vinny Marino
Jim Nichols
Glenn Williams 
Charlie McCarthy
Carter Wilkie
Steve Gag
Jennifer Madar
Hilary Sullivan
Anthony Giordano

Former Executive Directors:

Kate Horrigan
Tom Litke
Janice Williams
Jodi Burr
Stephanie Cave
Christina DiLisio

Additionally, the RVMS Substation Committee Co-Chairs Adam Rogoff and Liz Sherva, deserve a lot of credit for the Substation redevelopment as it is today.  

Thanks to Substation Committee volunteers who committed an enormous about of time over the past decade and half on the committee or otherwise:

Wayne Beitler
Mike Feloney
Mark Rukavina
Steve Gag
Jake Maliel
Vinny Marino
Carter Wilkie

The Substation redevelopment is a great partnership between Historic Boston Incorporated (HBI), Peregrine Group, and Chris Douglass

We’d like to thank the George B. Henderson Foundation for a grant that supplied significant of the funding for the beautiful windows you see today.

We'd specifically like to thank Mayor Walsh who met our group privately at Chris Douglass' Tavalo even before he'd taken office to hear about the project and its obstacles.  He committed then to making it a priority for Roslindale and soon after taking office advanced out efforts tremendously.

Thank you to Councilor Tim McCarthy and Lee Blasi for all your help connecting Peregrine Group to all the right permits and licensing, helping with community meetings, and your overall support to make Roslindale a vibrant neighborhood. 

RVMS Substation Committee Co-Chair Liz Sherva showed the building to a lot of people - trying to find the right non-profits or businesses that would work for Roslindale.  A few years ago we gave Bryan Reeves a tour of the lower level.  He came with a good business concept that would complement Chris Douglass' restaurant, and on that first tour Bryan kept saying, "Wow, this place is amazing."  A big welcome to the neighborhood to Bryan Reeves, who will be running the Craft Beer Cellar right downstairs. Welcome to Rozzie! 

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