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Profile: Saffiyah Botanicals Holistic Care

Saffiyah Botanicals Holistic Care is owned by Rédgine Saffiyah Armand. Inspired by her own experience with natural remedies and a search for an effective yet safe hair care product, Rédgine launched her own home and body care product business in 2010, opening a store in 2014.

“I wanted products that were suited for my hair type, with good moisturizing properties yet all natural,” said Rédgine. Owning her own store allows her the space and freedom to formulate the products and customize as she goes; she makes all her products in her shop and can provide customers with “transparency around toxic-free ingredients.”

The Saffiyah Botanicals line contains a full range of hair care, skin care, bath and body, and home products. Products are formulated with natural, naturally derived and certified organic, Kosher and Eco-cert ingredients. 

The support Roslindale provides makes this all possible, and Rédgine loves being a part of this “family-oriented community” where residents are “all about supporting local business.” Her message to Roslindale residents? “Thank you! I appreciate your business, support, and referrals you have been sending my way. With your continued support, I will be able to remain delivering products that many of you have come to love.” She welcomes customers to visit her shop and would love to increase foot traffic, and eventually offer workshops to the community.

In addition to her store, you can often find Saffiyah Botanicals Holistic Care at our Summer and Winter Farmers Markets!

Saffiyah Botanicals Holistic Care

4182 Washington Street, Roslindale


Sunday – CLOSED

Monday – CLOSED

Tuesday – Thursday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm