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Donate by June 30, 2017 to contribute to our Spring Appeal

With resident contributions like yours, RVMS can continue the work of making Roslindale Village a unique and vibrant neighborhood business district where visitors, friends, and neighbors shop, eat, play, and collaborate.  

During our Spring Appeal, we'll be sharing stories of volunteers, residents, and business owners about what being a part of RVMS and the Roslindale community means to them. 

Hilary Sullivan is a Roslindale resident and the RVMS Board Clerk, and here's what she had to say:

Why did you join RVMS: 

"After college, I made the decision to join AmeriCorps - often referred to as 'the domestic Peace Corps' because I wanted the chance to learn and contribute to communities across the United States with a goal of better understanding my own country. AmeriCorps set me up to be an active and engaged citizen and helped me understand how it is essential for everyday citizens to take local action to improve communities. After living in Boston for several years, and finding the unique neighborhood of Roslindale, I knew I wanted to use my energy and passion to continue building Roslindale as a vibrant and unique community."

What's your favorite thing about Roslindale Village?

"I like the geographic layout of Roslindale Village. I love being at Adams Park in the summer and feeling like I am in the Center of our bustling community."

What do you want RVMS donors to know?

"RVMS is run by a talented and hard-working staff and many dedicated volunteers. With many successes over the years that demonstrate our commitment to the community, RVMS is truly an agent for change trying to make Roslindale a great place to eat, shop and live."

How has RVMS supported your way of life?

"I believe in the power of community, and I love being a part of an organization that does as well. I think RVMS has helped shape Roslindale in to the accepting, close-knit and welcoming community that it is. After growing up in a small town in W Mass, I wasn't sure I would find my community in Boston, but it is without a doubt in Roslindale."