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Donate by June 30, 2017 to contribute to our Spring Appeal

With resident contributions like yours, RVMS can continue the work of making Roslindale Village a unique and vibrant neighborhood business district where visitors, friends, and neighbors shop, eat, play, and collaborate.  

During our Spring Appeal, we'll be sharing stories of volunteers, residents, and business owners about what being a part of RVMS and the Roslindale community means to them. 

Liz Graham-Meredith is a Roslindale resident, on the RVMS Board and Co-Chair of the Farmers Market Committee, and here's what she had to say:

Why did you join RVMS: 

"To contribute to the amazing work the Board puts forth in the ongoing effort to make Roslindale an incredible place to own a business, live and visit!

What's your favorite thing about Roslindale Village?

"I love that whenever I am walking through the Village, be it shopping, dining out or just enjoying a walk through the neighborhood, that I run into people I have come to know! I did not grow up in Rozzie and yet every day, thanks to the friendly faces I have been blessed to develop relationships with, I feel like this is the place I was always meant to live. We have the best of two worlds- living in a thriving big city with all the niceties of living in a small town!"

What do you want RVMS donors to know?

"We can't put on all the amazing events (like the farmers market or the egg hunt) that you have come to know and love without your support! The more help we receive financially, the more exciting work we can do to help the community: everything from helping a building owner fill a vacancy with a business the Village is in need of, to activating spaces in the neighborhood with a fun pop-ups, to a new event we haven't even dreamed up yet! Help us continue to strive to make Roslindale a fun place to live, work and play!"

How has RVMS supported your way of life?

"RVMS epitomizes values I consider to be most important in my neighborhood: promoting development without displacement, protecting the diversity that makes this neighborhood so amazing, and injecting fun into every aspect of community support."