Roslindale Village Business and Volunteer of the Year 2017

RVMS Announces our Business and Volunteer of the Year 2017

Each year, Boston Main Streets districts select a Business and Volunteer of the Year, and recognize their contributions to the community during an award ceremony with the Mayor. Main Streets depend on local volunteers to sustain our organizations, and work with local businesses to ensure a thriving neighborhood. 

RVMS Business of the Year: Village Market

2017 marks Village Market’s 20th Anniversary in Roslindale Village. The McInnis brothers take care of the market with pride and take all and any requests from customers. Without the Village Market as an anchor in the neighborhood, residents wouldn’t have quick walkable access to a local grocery store.

RVMS Volunteer of the Year info: Talia Whyte

Talia has a quiet and unassuming personality, but is truly a force to be reckoned with and is someone you can always count on to get the work done. She is a talented marketer, website designer, and creative thinker who is among the marketing committee’s most reliable volunteers. Talia led the design and implementation of the 2016 RVMS website overhaul, making information more readily accessible to the community and easier for staff to update. Talia also volunteers extensively with Friends of the Roslindale Library.

“As a local resident invested in Roslindale, I benefit from all these actions and greatly appreciate how much RVMS does for us all.” – Robert on why you should support RVMS

Donate by June 30, 2017 to contribute to our Spring Appeal

With resident contributions like yours, RVMS can continue the work of making Roslindale Village a unique and vibrant neighborhood business district where visitors, friends, and neighbors shop, eat, play, and collaborate.  

During our Spring Appeal, we’ll be sharing stories of volunteers, residents, and business owners about what being a part of RVMS and the Roslindale community means to them. 

Robert Orthman is a Roslindale resident and on the RVMS Board and here’s what he had to say:

Why did you join RVMS: 

“I joined the RVMS Board of Directors primarily to give back to this community I love with my time and energy. It is a privilege and an honor to work alongside my neighbors to improve our main business and civic district and to sustain the gains made by so many through the years. I feel very lucky to be in this position.”

What’s your favorite thing about Roslindale Village?

“My favorite thing about Roslindale Village is the ability to walk around our district to fulfill all my shopping needs and to enjoy our thriving civic life here. We have an extremely walkable area with all manner of stores, merchants, and happenings. Roslindale Village stands out among all the main business districts across our city’s neighborhoods as especially welcoming to individuals who can walk around to enjoy our unique shops and restaurants and to meet their neighbors along the way. We are unique in that regard and always looking to improve upon that experience here at RVMS.”

What do you want RVMS donors to know?

“RVMS is an organization run by your neighbors at the board, staff, and volunteer level. We are Roslindale and this is our home as it is yours. We make decisions and expend resources that affect the community at large but also each of us individually as residents and business owners. When you invest in RVMS, you are not only investing in your neighborhood but also expressing your confidence and trust in your individual neighbors to make decisions to positively affect this community we all love and cherish. We greatly appreciate every single donation no matter how large or small and always consider the wants and needs of our community supporters in every decision we make.”

How has RVMS supported your way of life?

“Simply put, without RVMS, Roslindale would not be the thriving community it is. RVMS is responsible for more positive growth and happenings in our neighborhood than I could ever list here. Some of these are high-profile promotions or events, but many of them are behind-the-scenes things like listening to a local business owner to learn his or her specific needs that are hidden from public view but equally if not more important to our overall community. As a local resident invested in Roslindale, I benefit from all these actions and greatly appreciate how much RVMS does for us all.”

Building on the Success of the Roslindale Means Business Event

Learn how to access city resources and collaborate with RVMS on a shared vision for Roslindale Village business district

Thanks to everyone that attended the Roslindale Means Business: a forum for business and property owners event on May 23, 2017. We had a great turnout, and connected attendees with resources to help them invest in their business, building, and the community. If you weren’t able to attend, check out the resources and presentations below.

Presenters and Supporters

Thank you to Boston City Council President Michelle Wu for attending and welcoming everyone the event. Thanks to representatives from the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development Dr. Karilyn Crockett, Director of Economic Policy and Research, John Fitzgerald, Director of Business Capital and Finance, and Abigail Furey, Neighborhood Business Manager, as well as William Christopher, Commissioner of Inspectional Services, for presenting valuable information and being available to meet and discuss issues one-on-one with attendees. 

Thanks to the RVMS Economic Development Committee members Robert Orthman, Andrea Miller, Kate Schlegel, Mike Peluse, Quentin Kruel, Liz Graham-Meredith, and Lynne Peskoe-Yang for helping plan and execute this event in support of our business community. Thanks also to RVMS Marketing Committee and Board members Anthony Giordano, Erin Doherty and Silvana Ragusa or volunteering at the event, as well as Vinny Fichera for volunteering his time and talents to capture videos and photos. 

Thanks to Meetinghouse BankThe Cooperative Bank, and Roslindale Business Group for being a part of the event, and to Tony’s Market for catering a delicious spread! Terry Curran and Sons of Italy Hall provided a great venue for the event.

Materials and Resources

Our presenters shared useful information from the City of Boston, as well as valuable insights into the current market profile and business mix for Roslindale Village. You can find PDF versions of their presentations below:

Office of Small Business Development at the City of Boston, presented by Dr. Karilyn Crockett:

  • Learn about small business resources and contact information for each of the city’s programs. Download the PDF.

RVMS Overview and Resources, presented by Robert Orthman (RVMS):

  • Information about how RVMS can support you as a business owner, property owner, and community member. Download the PDF.

Pop-up Shop Proposal, presented by Andrea Miller & Quentin Kruel (RVMS):

  • Learn more about what a pop-up shop is, how it this model can grow your business, fill your vacancy, increase foot traffic, and provide recreation for residents and visitors. Download the PDF.

Roslindale Village Retail Landscape, presented by Andrea Miller & Quentin Kruel (RVMS):

  • Learn more about current economic trends, how they apply to Roslindale Village, where there are gaps in our current business mix – and opportunities to overcome them. Download the PDF.



You can view the full photo gallery from the event. Photos taken by RVMS Marketing Committee member, Vincent Fichera. 

Target Store to Open in Roslindale

Target Store in Roslindale: Community Meeting 

RVMS recently learned of the newly-signed lease for a new tenant in the Staples space at 4165 Washington St.: a small “city-sized” Target store arriving March 2018. Staples will be closing on June 10th. 

This is obviously big news for our business district and community. In learning this news, RVMS is committed to working with Target to ensure they understand our unique Roslindale community and to strongly encourage them to be good neighbors and supporters of local community initiatives. While the private business deal has been completed, Target has expressed interest in hearing from local residents and business owners in the community, so RVMS has supported this request by setting up a community meeting on Thursday, May 18th from 7:00-8:00pm at the BCYF Community Center. We encourage residents, business owners, and stakeholders to attend and provide feedback directly to Target representatives in attendance. RVMS has spoken with Target representatives and strongly encouraged them to listen to feedback and to be a good neighbor from the get-go. In particular, RVMS noted how our community will now need an office supplies and copy/printing location and asked them to consider that for their new store. Further, we have encouraged them to hire local residents and to support RVMS and community initiatives as part of being a good and welcoming neighbor. The Target representatives have expressed a desire to listen and learn from the community, and RVMS hopes that is sincere and sustaining.

There is obviously going to be a lot of discussion within the community as a whole about the impacts, both positive and negative, of a large chain coming into our district. We think it’s important to note that this is one large chain replacing another in a space that really is built to suit a large store like this. This is a private transaction that was already completed by the time we were informed of it.

This Target location will be one of their smaller locations (1/6th the size of a normal Target) instead of the very large big box stores we may be more used to seeing elsewhere. Target recently opened one of these smaller stores in Central Square in Cambridge, which you can read about it here. These smaller Targets often have a Starbucks inside, but we have been told by Target representatives that this Roslindale location will not have one.

RVMS is focused on listening to the various opinions of the community. We are talking with existing local businesses and aggressively plan to support them if they request assistance in mitigating any perceived effects. 

We encourage you to attend this meeting if you’d like to share your thoughts directly with Target representatives, and learn more about what they have in store for Roslindale.


Alia Hamada Forrest
Executive Director

Mother’s Day in Roslindale

Shop Local and Celebrate Mother’s Day in Roslindale Village

If you’re looking for last-minute Mother’s Day gifts, or still need to make plans, look no further than Roslindale Village!

Roslindale is known for its restaurants, and many of them are doing special menus and brunches:

  • Redd’s in Rozzie is accepting reservations for Mother’s Day Brunch at 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, and 1:30 pm. Email them to reserve a table.
  • Birch St Bistro has a new Spring cocktail menu, and is open for dinner on Mother’s Day.
  • Delfino is opening early for Mother’s Day, from 2:30 – 9:00 pm. Call to reserve your table: 617-327-8359.
  • Shanti is open for Mother’s Day brunch from 11:30 am – 3:00 pm, and dinner 5:00 – 10:00 pm. 
  • Sophia’s Grotto is open for brunch 12:00 – 4:00 pm, and dinner 4:00 – 9:00 pm.

Gifts and more:

Roslindale Means Business: A Forum for Business & Property Owners

A Forum for Business & Property Owners

Join RVMS for our first-ever forum to bring together current and prospective property and business owners in and around Roslindale to connect with RVMS and city resources, and collaborate on a vision for the future of Roslindale’s business district. 

  • Connect with city officials & resources
  • Network with other business & property owners
  • Meet with decision makers and share your ideas
  • Discover how Roslindale Village Main Street can support you
  • Gain insight into how to fill your vacancy with a new tenant or pop-up shop
  • Learn about the neighborhood, market profile & opportunities for growth

Event Info

Tuesday, May 23rd

6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Sons of Italy Hall

30 Birch St, Roslindale

Sign up via our Facebook event or Eventbrite.

Hosted by

Roslindale Village Main Street


Representatives form the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development and the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, as well as local banks and organizations: Meetinghouse Bank, Tremont Credit Union, The Cooperative Bank, and Roslindale Business Group. 

See here for additional small business resources.

Event Agenda – we’ll continue updating this as details and presenters are confirmed

6:00 pm – Arrival & Dinner (1st drink (wine or beer) provided; cash bar also available)

6:30 pm – Program begins:

Opening remarks by RVMS Executive Director, Alia Hamada Forest

RVMS services and business resources, presented by RVMS Vice President, Robert Orthman

City of Boston presentation by Dr. Karilyn Crockett, Director of Economic Policy and Research from Mayor’s Office of Economic Development

City of Boston presentation by William “Buddy” Christopher Jr., Commissioner Inspectional Services

Roslindale Market Profile, presented by Quentin Kruel and Andrea Miller

Pop-up shop plan for vacancies and current businesses, presented by Andrea Miller

Property Owner Case Study: learn how to access funds for signage and strategies for finding tenants, presented by Anthony Giordano and Robert Orthman

Q&A session

Breakout sessions with representatives from the City of Boston, RVMS, and other local institutions and organizations

8:30 pm – Program ends