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Target Store in Roslindale: Community Meeting 

RVMS recently learned of the newly-signed lease for a new tenant in the Staples space at 4165 Washington St.: a small “city-sized” Target store arriving March 2018. Staples will be closing on June 10th. 

This is obviously big news for our business district and community. In learning this news, RVMS is committed to working with Target to ensure they understand our unique Roslindale community and to strongly encourage them to be good neighbors and supporters of local community initiatives. While the private business deal has been completed, Target has expressed interest in hearing from local residents and business owners in the community, so RVMS has supported this request by setting up a community meeting on Thursday, May 18th from 7:00-8:00pm at the BCYF Community Center. We encourage residents, business owners, and stakeholders to attend and provide feedback directly to Target representatives in attendance. RVMS has spoken with Target representatives and strongly encouraged them to listen to feedback and to be a good neighbor from the get-go. In particular, RVMS noted how our community will now need an office supplies and copy/printing location and asked them to consider that for their new store. Further, we have encouraged them to hire local residents and to support RVMS and community initiatives as part of being a good and welcoming neighbor. The Target representatives have expressed a desire to listen and learn from the community, and RVMS hopes that is sincere and sustaining.

There is obviously going to be a lot of discussion within the community as a whole about the impacts, both positive and negative, of a large chain coming into our district. We think it’s important to note that this is one large chain replacing another in a space that really is built to suit a large store like this. This is a private transaction that was already completed by the time we were informed of it.

This Target location will be one of their smaller locations (1/6th the size of a normal Target) instead of the very large big box stores we may be more used to seeing elsewhere. Target recently opened one of these smaller stores in Central Square in Cambridge, which you can read about it here. These smaller Targets often have a Starbucks inside, but we have been told by Target representatives that this Roslindale location will not have one.

RVMS is focused on listening to the various opinions of the community. We are talking with existing local businesses and aggressively plan to support them if they request assistance in mitigating any perceived effects. 

We encourage you to attend this meeting if you'd like to share your thoughts directly with Target representatives, and learn more about what they have in store for Roslindale.


Alia Hamada Forrest
Executive Director