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Donate by June 30, 2017 to contribute to our Spring Appeal

With resident contributions like yours, RVMS can continue the work of making Roslindale Village a unique and vibrant neighborhood business district where visitors, friends, and neighbors shop, eat, play, and collaborate.  

During our Spring Appeal, we'll be sharing stories of volunteers, residents, and business owners about what being a part of RVMS and the Roslindale community means to them. 

Robert Orthman is a Roslindale resident and on the RVMS Board and here's what he had to say:

Why did you join RVMS: 

"I joined the RVMS Board of Directors primarily to give back to this community I love with my time and energy. It is a privilege and an honor to work alongside my neighbors to improve our main business and civic district and to sustain the gains made by so many through the years. I feel very lucky to be in this position."

What's your favorite thing about Roslindale Village?

"My favorite thing about Roslindale Village is the ability to walk around our district to fulfill all my shopping needs and to enjoy our thriving civic life here. We have an extremely walkable area with all manner of stores, merchants, and happenings. Roslindale Village stands out among all the main business districts across our city's neighborhoods as especially welcoming to individuals who can walk around to enjoy our unique shops and restaurants and to meet their neighbors along the way. We are unique in that regard and always looking to improve upon that experience here at RVMS."

What do you want RVMS donors to know?

"RVMS is an organization run by your neighbors at the board, staff, and volunteer level. We are Roslindale and this is our home as it is yours. We make decisions and expend resources that affect the community at large but also each of us individually as residents and business owners. When you invest in RVMS, you are not only investing in your neighborhood but also expressing your confidence and trust in your individual neighbors to make decisions to positively affect this community we all love and cherish. We greatly appreciate every single donation no matter how large or small and always consider the wants and needs of our community supporters in every decision we make."

How has RVMS supported your way of life?

"Simply put, without RVMS, Roslindale would not be the thriving community it is. RVMS is responsible for more positive growth and happenings in our neighborhood than I could ever list here. Some of these are high-profile promotions or events, but many of them are behind-the-scenes things like listening to a local business owner to learn his or her specific needs that are hidden from public view but equally if not more important to our overall community. As a local resident invested in Roslindale, I benefit from all these actions and greatly appreciate how much RVMS does for us all."