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A Letter to Target Representatives from RVMS

Target Real Estate 
1000 Nicollet Mall, TPN-12L
Minneapolis. MN 55403

Re: Small-format Target store in Roslindale

Dear Aaron Hemquist and Mark Hokanson,  

Thank you again for proactively connecting with RVMS to ensure that there was an opportunity for feedback from and conversation with Roslindale residents and business owners. As you heard at the meeting, our community has a huge amount of love, dedication, and loyalty to offer in our business district – and this is what makes our neighborhood special.

We know and understand that the lease was signed and finalized for a city-sized Target to land in Roslindale at 4165 Washington Street (the Staples building) in March 2018, and that it will be approximately 17% the size of a regular-sized Target. As we stated at the community meeting on May 18, supporting our existing small business community continues to be the priority for RVMS. Our primary objective for the meeting was to allow our local business owners and residents an opportunity to provide Target representatives with direct feedback. Specifically, we appreciate Target’s willingness to solicit feedback and ideas for what kind of products and merchandise the Roslindale community wishes to see in the new store next year.

In the interest of keeping an open dialogue and providing that sought after feedback, RVMS believes there is a significant financial opportunity to provide products which are currently lacking in Roslindale Village to the community as a whole. Based on resident feedback from this meeting and from our small business owners, we advocate and request the following:

    • RVMS would prefer to see less emphasis on (or even elimination of) food and produce, and more emphasis on clothing, children's items (toys, clothes, school uniforms, art supplies, diapers), party supplies, office and print supplies, and home and kitchen items. These product changes will better complement existing businesses in Roslindale Village and serve the needs of the greater community.


    • We ask Target to support the Roslindale community and be a good neighbor, which translates into:


    • Supporting efforts to enhance walkability and bicycle access for customers traveling to Target on the already congested Washington Street corridor.


    • Working with RVMS to install wayfinding signage on Washington Street that direct people toward the independent shops and services in our business district.


    • Providing a dedicated RVMS informational display space in the store to engage and attract Target visitors to Roslindale.


    • Actively participating within the Roslindale community either through event involvement, event sponsorship, or direct financial charitable contributions to RVMS.


    • Actively seeking out and hiring local residents for this store, as well as buying and purchasing materials locally.


We look forward to discussing our proposals with you in more detail, and to ultimately welcoming you as a productive, inclusive and considerate community member.

Roslindale residents and business owners made it quite clear during the meeting about their passion and engagement in the community. At RVMS we reflect this passion for supporting and advocating for our local shopkeepers.

Again, we appreciate the time you took to proactively reach out to Roslindale Village Main Street, for this very productive and informative neighborhood conversation and look forward to our ongoing interaction.


RVMS Board of Directors