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Cheese Tasting with Boston Cheese Cellar and Neal's Yard Dairy

On Monday, June 19th, Adam Shutes, the owner of Roslindale Village’s Boston Cheese Cellar, invited some of his most committed customers to be a part of a unique customer appreciation event: a cheese tasting with Neal’s Yard Dairy.

Neal’s Yard Dairy and its founder, Randolph Hodgson, were instrumental in the revitalization of traditional British cheese making in the 1980’s, and Adam, a Brit himself, was excited to welcome Karim Lahsinat from Neal’s Yard Dairy for this rare public event in Boston.

“Neal’s Yard Dairy is now a global brand and success story on what can be achieved when attention is paid to quality and not quantity,” said Adam.

Once a thriving industry, traditional British cheese making was devastated by WWII milk rationing. Neal’s Yard Dairy opened a shop in the Covent Garden district of Westminster in 1979 and worked with traditional cheese makers to preserve traditional cheese making, improve quality, and provide market access for cheeses like West Country Cheddar, Lancashire, and Cheshire.

“People have a preconceived idea no cheese is being made in the UK. After WWII, cheese disappeared,” and there was a “big push for big blocks of supermarket cheese, but traditional farmhouse cheese making continued,” Karim told the Roslindale residents gathered at the event.

Boston Cheese Cellar has the following Neal’s Yard Dairy cheeses: Cornish Kern, Keen’s Cheddar, Gorwydd’s Caerphilly, Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, and Colston Bassett Stilton.

Asked which he’s most recommend, Adam said, “It’s hard to recommend one over the other - they are all so different. The Stilton is just simply the best blue cheese available. I love the Keen’s too, with its grassy complexity, it’s what real cheddar should taste like.”

This event follows a string of exciting happenings in Roslindale: Opening Day of the RVMS Farmers Market, a vibrant street mural by WalkUP Roslindale, the RVMS Pride Picnic, and next -- a spooky film screening by the Roslindale Film Series of the original Night of the Living Dead inside the Substation building.

Boston Cheese Cellar also hosts many events, from their cheesemaking classes to their monthly #AcousticOnMain music and small plates series, Sound and Provision.


Photos by Lara Kimmerer.