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The RVMS Farmers Market Welcomes Back Prospect Ciderworks to the Market

Have you noticed something missing at the farmers market these past few weeks?

Might it be the taste of crisp, refreshing hard cider? 

This season is a first in RVMS Farmers Market history where we took advantage of the agricultural event license for “Farmer-Wineries” in Massachusetts. Luckily enough, we had one application from a brand new hard cider start-up located in Roxbury: Prospect Ciderworks. These young entrepreneurs came with a ton of energy, and great organizational skills, and got through the entire licensing process with ease.

Since the RVMS Farmers Market is the only farmers market located in a public park in the City of Boston, the question was raised about a month ago, “If there is no alcohol allowed in the City’s public parks – how are we allowed to sell it?” This is why RVMS had to put Prospect Ciderworks’ vendor space on hold and let them know they needed to meet with the Parks Department to discuss a solution.

And now – they’re back! This week, we found out the Parks Department has approved Prospect Ciderworks to continue to be a vendor with RVMS this season! The Parks Department also let us know that this is the first instance of its kind — Prospect Ciderworks is the first cidery/winery to be able to sell in a public park in Boston, and it could be the start of something bigger for our public parks. Hooray for RVMS making history and making strides for more winery/cidery presence in our City.

This weekend, let’s all give the Prospect Ciderworks team a big pat on the back, and buy as much cider as we can to show how much we missed them at our farmers market!