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Steve Marcelin, Farmers Market Assistant

Steve was born on a farm in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where is family grew various crops like corn and plantain. Steve moved to the United States when he was 14 and has lived in Hyde Park ever since.

Some of Steve’s fondest memories from his homeland were from the local farmers market on Saturday morning. It was an incredible place that brought joy, discovery, scenery, cool gifts, and a place for people to meet each other.  Those feelings have been revived through Steve’s work with RVMS where the market is once more a magical place that brings him back to those memories and Port-au-Prince and provides a weekly brake from his hectic life.

Steve strives to be the most creative version of himself and has a deep passion for design and creating. He graduated in 2017 from North Bennet Street School and loves finding physical fixes to problems.

His favorite vegetables are beets! Even though he knows a lot of people don’t like them, he finds them incredibly delicious and flexible to cook with. Steve is always outside, going for hikes, climbing trees, or sitting by camp fires.