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Business Profile: Boston Clinical Trials 

A Look Inside Clinical Research 

We met with Irene Axelrod, CEO of Boston Clinical Trials and learned the story of Boston Clinical Trials (BCT), a company that works with the pharmaceutical industry delivering data to pharmaceutical companies for drug approval. Boston Clinical Trials moved to Roslindale in 2012 and is located right next to the Roslindale Post Office. Irene loves being a part of Roslindale --  where people are kind-hearted, caring, and invested in the community.


Irene: One of the best business decisions I made in my life was to move my company to Roslindale. We moved to Rozzie from Brighton in 2012 and immediately felt at home. I remember one day during a horrible snow storm, most of us were outside shoveling and several people stopped by to chat with us and even offered to help.  We could tell this is a warm and welcoming community with residents that stick around and care about each other.

Tess: So, what does BCT do?

IA: You see, most of us have taken medication to treat headache, insomnia, pain, but do not realize that it had to go through years of testing before it was approved by the FDA, so your doctor, one day, could prescribe it to you. Boston Clinical Trials has tested popular medications currently prescribed commonly for these conditions among many others. BCT works with community of volunteers who come to try new medicines and provide very valuable information on effectiveness. Our programs attract people from as far as New York, Maine, and all over Massachusetts. We are now very happy to be in Roslindale, so local people can take advantage of us being just around the block.

TM: Why do you think people participate in clinical trials?

IA: People participate in studies for various reasons. The first and most obvious is getting potentially effective treatments years before they are available by prescription.  One of the patients during her recent office visit told me: “Please keep doing what you are doing; thanks to your medication, my daughter will be graduating from High School this year, I am so happy I found your place.” We had a couple who recently moved to Boston from California, both suffered from Migraine. One day they came for appointment with their newborn baby. “She is the main reason I am here, said her father. Migraine runs in our family, I want to make sure she has effective medications to treat her migraine when she grows up”

TM: Do volunteers get paid for study participation?

IA: Yes, everyone gets paid a stipend between $50-$100 for each completed visit depending on the study. BCT also has a patient referral bonus program not to mention small extras like lunches, gift cards, Uber rides to and from appointments.

TM: What is special about your company?

IA: BCT has a big heart. We consider our patients part of the family. It is obvious from the moment you walk in and speak with the receptionist. At BCT we take pride providing every study volunteer with attention and care they often do not receive in a regular medical office. We welcome our neighbors to just walk in and meet with us.

To learn more about Boston Clinical Trials and their current studies, visit their website:  www.bostontrials.com and follow them on Facebook for information about upcoming events and new studies.

Boston Clinical Trials

26 Cummins Highway

Roslindale, MA 02131

(617) 477-4868