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The Henderson Foundation Grant & Turtle Swamp Beer Garden Zoning Approval

The Henderson Foundation generously awarded RVMS a $30,000 grant for the installation later this summer of a window within the Substation's monumental door opening!  RVMS, which has an ownership interest in the building, sought the grant to facilitate the completion of the expensive historic restoration. The Henderson Foundation grant will also cover select masonry restoration. RVMS and its Substation partners, Peregrine Group and Historic Boston Inc., expect the changes to the building will spur additional interest in the area.

More than any other structure, the Roslindale Substation is an iconic symbol of Roslindale’s early success, decline and more recent revitalization. The installation of the window (which is technically considered a glass curtain wall) will be the final element integrating this unique, repurposed building into the urban landscape. Once installed the light and activity of the interior will spill onto the streetscape. The glass will also allow patrons at the Turtle Swamp Beer Garden to enjoy their libations while taking in excellent views of Adams Park and Roslindale Village.  The masonry work will serve to visually highlight the remarkable brickwork and improve the long-term integrity of the building.

On Tuesday, Turtle Swamp Brewing was approved to be the first officially zoned Beer Garden within the City of Boston! Click here to read more in Universal Hub's article. Watch the newsletter for updates on the Substation and more information about Turtle Swamp's programming and upcoming events.