Turtle Swamp Beer Garden Coming Out Party + Glass Curtain Reveal – 9/14/19

Turtle Swamp Beer Garden Coming Out Party + Glass Curtain Reveal – 9/14/19

August 2, 2019  – The George B. Henderson Foundation generously awarded Roslindale Village Main Street a $30,000 grant for the installation of a window within the Substation’s monumental door opening. RVMS, which has an ownership interest in the building, sought the grant to facilitate the completion of the expensive historic restoration. The grant will also cover select masonry restoration. RVMS and its Substation partners, Peregrine Group and Historic Boston Inc., expect the changes to the building to spur additional interest in the area.

On Saturday, September 14th at 11:30am, Roslindale Village Main Street and Turtle Swamp Brewing will host a coming-out party and ribbon-cutting at the Roslindale Substation to recognize the George B. Henderson Foundation as well as celebrate obtaining zoning as the first permanent beer garden in the City of Boston. Following the celebration, Turtle Swamp Beer Garden will be hosting live music as part of Roslindale Porch Fest, which kicks off at 1:30pm.

More than any other structure, the Roslindale Substation is an iconic symbol of Roslindale’s more recent revitalization. The installation of the window (which is technically considered a glass curtain wall) will be the final element integrating this unique, repurposed building into the urban landscape. Once installed, the light and activity of the interior will spill onto the streetscape. 

“The glass will visually open up the building to the public and allow patrons to enjoy their drinks while viewing Adams Park,” says RVMS Substation Committee Co-Chair Adam Rogoff.

Additionally, the masonry work will serve to visually highlight the remarkable brickwork and improve the long-term integrity of the building.

The Roslindale Substation, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was built in 1911 to convert alternating current (A/C) electricity from the Boston Elevated Railway’s South Boston power plant to direct current (D/C) power for use by the trolley system in the Roslindale area. Service was discontinued in 1971 and in 2016 underwent a $2.5 million renovation conceived and undertaken by Historic Boston, Inc., Roslindale Village Main Street, and Peregrine Group, LLC of Rumford, RI. Previously, Trillium Brewing hosted the Trillium Garden at the Substation, an inspiration that sparked interest in making the Substation a home for beer halls.

The George B. Henderson Foundation previously awarded a $40,000 grant towards other historic windows inside the Substation.

More information about the history of the Substation and its redevelopment is available on the RVMS website and the HBI website.    

About Roslindale Village Main Street:

The mission of Roslindale Village Main Street (RVMS) is to promote Roslindale Village as an appealing destination and the dynamic center of our community. As an independent non-profit organization, we bring together local volunteers, businesses, and public agencies to strengthen the Village’s economic vitality, physical appearance and unique local character.

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About Turtle Swamp Brewing:

At the start of the 20th century, 24 of Boston’s 31 breweries were in JP or Roxbury, pulling in pure, clear water from the Stony Brook. By 1964 they were all gone. Turtle Swamp Brewing founders John Lincecum and Nicholas Walther were aware of the area’s brewing history but weren’t opening their new business out of nostalgia. “Nostalgia isn’t quite the right word,” says Walther. “We both love Jamaica Plain, and the fact we own a brewery right in our own neighborhood means we can add to the history. But we chose to work and live here because of what JP is now — a diverse, exciting, livable community.

Turtle Swamp Brewing, with a vibrant taproom and growing production brewery , is proud to bring a long tradition of great beer back home to Jamaica Plain.

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