Business Interview During COVID-19 Pandemic: YMAA Boston

Business Interview During COVID-19 Pandemic: Ben Warner of YMAA Boston

Written interviews and Facebook Live interviews with local business owners have been organized and written by members of the RVMS Marketing Committee. We will continue to share these interviews frequently as part of a series to share how best to support local businesses in Roslindale during this challenging time.

Maintaining good physical and mental health can be hard when you are self-quarantining at home while fearing the unknowns of the coronavirus.  The physical studio for Yang’s Martial Arts Association of Boston (YMAA) has been closed to in-person classes since March 14, but they are now offering online classes to keep everyone fit.

“It’s important now to support people on a community level,” said Ben Warner of YMAA Boston.

Using Zoom, YMAA is offering four kids’ Kung fu classes and several adult classes in Kung fu, Qigong, meditation, kettlebell, and Tai Chi per week.  Students can view prices and schedules and purchase classes on their website at or call or text at 617-363-9622. Students would first need to download Zoom onto their computer or phone to participate in classes, and a password is needed to enter the classes.  Sliding scale payments are also available for those who can’t afford the listed prices.

“Classes are our main sources of income, but we still want to help out those students that can’t afford tuition,” Warner said.  “People are welcome to donate to us and support those students in need by contacting us.”

Luckily, no one at YMAA has been laid off because of the studio closure, as most of them are contract workers.  Many of them have their own private clients or work full-time somewhere else and teach a few classes at YMAA.     

Warner also said the classes are great for parents working from home who need to keep their kids occupied. YMAA’s classes can also be an alternative for adults that need to take their regular exercise indoors.  While Kung fu is known for being a person-to-person contact practice, Warner says there is a lot more to it.

“There is a lot of movement you can do on your own,” Warner said. “You can work on your physical strength, calming the body and mind, and learn how to move in different ways.  We show you how to do all of this in our online classes.”

More information: website:; call or text at 617-363-9622; email:

Business Interview During COVID-19 Pandemic: Krupa Insurance

Business Interview During COVID-19 Pandemic: Jim Nichols of Krupa Insurance

Written interviews and Facebook Live interviews with local business owners have been organized and written by members of the RVMS Marketing Committee. We will continue to share these interviews frequently as part of a series to share how best to support local businesses in Roslindale during this challenging time.

Even during these uncertain times, having good insurance provides peace of mind.  This is why Krupa Insurance is still doing business on Corinth St, although their doors are closed to walk-in customers.

“I’m trying to limit people coming in, said Jim Nichols of Krupa Insurance.  “But we are still able to support our customers.”

When Gov. Charlie Baker ordered all non-essential businesses to close down until April 7, Nichols was originally going to work from home.  However, his wife was also working from home, and he thought it would be better for both of them if he still worked out of his office with the front door locked.

Nichols has noticed over the last week that as more people are working from home, they have more time to think about and make long-term financial decisions for their families now.  While he hasn’t taken any car accident claims recently – as there are not many people driving now, his customers are buying cars and buying out car leases.  

They are also refinancing homes, and banks are still requesting insurance papers.  Nichols notes that many of these claims were already in the pipeline weeks ago. He says that the claims are not driven by a potential recession, but rather interest rates are so low right now, and people have the time to get their paperwork together to finalize the process.

“We have been able to serve people night and day,” Nichols said. “If they have a question, we are here to answer them.”

And he literally means this.  Nichols said that while he and his wife were watching the popular docuseries, Tiger King, on Netflix last Saturday night at home, someone contacted him about a cracked window.

“The customer was surprised that anyone answered,” he said.  “But, I answered the phone and his questions.”

Like everyone, Nichols wants this pandemic to end soon.  But, in the meantime, Krupa Insurance is available for all your insurance needs.

“We’re here,” Nichols said. “With the magic of email and phones, we’re here to help.”

More information: email, website: and phone: 617-323-6900.

Business Interview During COVID-19 Pandemic: Joanne Rossman

Business Interview During COVID-19 Pandemic: Joanne Rossman

Written interviews and Facebook Live interviews with local business owners have been organized and written by members of the RVMS Marketing Committee. We will continue to share these interviews frequently as part of a series to share how best to support local businesses in Roslindale during this challenging time.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many Roslindale business owners to close their brick-and-mortar spaces, including Joanne Rossman, the owner of her eponymous store on Birch Street.  The gift store has been a 20-year labor of love for Rossman who now has to find a new way to do business in the community.

“I need people to understand that although we are closed, it doesn’t mean we are not doing any business,” Rossman said.  “I don’t want people to forget that we exist. When no one comes into the door, they think we are no longer here.”  

Rossman says that the best way to support her business is to buy gift certificates in any denomination either on her website at or call her at 617-680-8020. Customers can also buy products directly on her website, where Rossman is adding more items in the next few days, including candles and incense. Orders will be mailed as soon as they are made. She is very active on Instagram, where she says many of her followers go to for some much-needed relief during these uncertain times.

She recently ordered 15 copies of the book Fup by Jim Dodge, an escapist read Rossman will also sell on her website for $9.95 for as she says,” if you are looking for just a laugh.” Customers have also ordered greeting cards, which Rossman is mailing out. 

Weeks ago, Rossman ordered giftable items she knew her customers would want for upcoming occasions like Mother’s Day, graduations, and weddings.  However, because of her store’s physical closure, these items will have to sit until they are sold, as she can’t return certain items to the wholesalers she works with.  She has also concentrated on making her own products. She has made padded silk hangers, cosmetic bags, and slippers that are perfect Mother’s Day gifts. Customers can contact her about any of these products.

 “I am happy to be a personal shopper for your needs,” she said.

More information: or call her 617-680-8020

Roslindale Village Online & Phone Services

UPATE: 6/3/2020

You may have seen that Governor Baker has ordered the beginning of Phase II re-opening as of today. He is bifurcating Phase II into two steps – today begins Step 1. Some updates on what that means and what can open back up:

  • Restaurants can start outdoor dining, no indoor yet
  • Retail shops can open inside, with some restrictions like no changing rooms for example
  • Childcare and daycares, with significant capacity and PPE restrictions
  • Some personal services that don’t require close contact like home cleaning for example
  • Non-athletic youth classes in arts and education, group sizes less than 10 people
  • Professional sports practices, no games though

Roslindale Village Online & Phone Services

Thank you to so many caring members of our community who are seeking out ways to take action and come to the aid of our valued businesses in this difficult, unpredictable time. Online purchases from local merchants are great ways to show your support while practicing social distancing.

RVMS Board Member Robert Orthman compiled a list of Roslindale Village businesses that have online services! Click on a link for a local business below to visit their website and make an online purchase — like buying a gift certificate or ordering takeout. If you know of a Roslindale Village business not listed here that has online offerings, please email our Program Manager at so we can add them to this page. #ROSlove

We will continue update this page as business offerings keep evolving to adhere to the City’s guidelines.

Retail & Services:

Akasha Studio – Class passes & membership
Birch Flower Shop – Flower delivery
Birch St. House & Garden – Gift certificates & online product ordering
ComedySportz Boston – Gift certificates, class sign-up & merchandise
Create: Art in Community – Online classes & passes
Distraction Brewing Co. – Gift certificates & curbside pick-up
Fit Choice 24/7 – Membership
Joanne Rossman – Purveyor of the Unnecessary & the Irresistible – Online product ordering
Liana Percoco, LMT – Gift cards
Lyfe Cycle – Class Passes
Roslindale Fish Market – call ahead to order at (617) 327-9487
Rozzie Bound – book delivery available
Sullivan’s Pharmacy – prescription delivery available, call (617) 323-6544
Turtle Swamp Beer Garden – Gift certificates & delivery
Village Market – delivery available, call (617) 327-2588
YMAA Boston – Class passes

Phone Numbers for Roslindale Village businesses offering takeout and/or delivery:

Be sure to click the restaurant’s websites for up-to-date information about their offerings as menus and hours change frequently.

753 South617-477-4814
Blue Star Restaurant617 323-9638
Birch Street Bistro617-323-2184
Dragon Chef617-327-3650
Effie’s Kitchen617-942-2247
Fornax Bread Co. 617-325-8852
Imperial Kitchen617-327-2180
Jimmies Cafe617-323-0838
Romano’s Pizzeria & Taqueria617-325-2885
Roslindale House of Pizza617-327-9170
Sophia’s Grotto617-323-4595
Shaking Seafood617-553-2751
The Square Root617-477-3392

Neighboring Roslindale businesses offering takeout, delivery, curbside pick-up, etc.:

Hong Kong 888617-323-8122
Las Palmas617-323-3339
La Taqueria617-942-8117
Pleasant Cafe617-323-2111
The Pet Cabaret617-323-7387
Tasty Thai617-327-2378
Tony’s Market617-323-7313

COVID-19 & Ways You Can Support Rozzie Businesses & Winter Farmers Market Vendors

COVID-19 & Ways You Can Support Rozzie Businesses & Winter Farmers Market Vendors

If you’re looking for ways to support local businesses right now, some of our merchants shared some great tips as many folks are choosing to spend more time in their homes than in public spaces:

– Purchase gift certificates for friends and family now for future gifts!
– Register/ sign up for summer workshops, classes, events, or services that are scheduled in the future or that you can redeem later.
– Order takeout and delivery from local food establishments. Check their websites to see if they offer delivery before jumping on a delivery service app — most businesses benefit more if delivery is ordered through their website or over the phone.
– Shop locally for other goods and services you purchase whenever possible.

Meet your needs locally and show our small businesses #ROSlove during this time which is becoming extremely slow for our local economy. Let’s come together as a community to preserve our beloved businesses!

Additionally, the RVMS Winter Farmers Market has been cancelled. Some of our vendors will be taking online delivery orders for their products. Please check out the following vendor list and their websites:

The Neighborhood  Farm and Still life Farm are taking online orders and will make delivery please support them by visiting their website at,

If you are looking for fresh eggs and meat please contact Lilac Hedge and Grant Family Farm their website is ,

For fresh apples please reach out to Apex Orchard’s website:

For other specialty food vendors, please reach out to the following vendors through their websites and phone numbers if you need to place orders: 

Kim Pure Pastry– 978-969-3728
Valicenti Pasta Farm–  603-459-3627
Beverly Bees–  97877882765
1634 Meadery —  8574006516



Due to the State of Emergency declared in Massachusetts, we have cancelled the RVMS Annual Meeting that was scheduled for Wednesday, March 25th at the Roslindale House. 

Instead, we will get creative and share our Annual Report electronically and also share out RVMS committee updates in an electronic format. We may even hold a short Q&A livestream with some of our staff and Board in the next week or so. Stay tuned.

As for the RVMS Spring Chick-or-Treat on Saturday, April 11th from 11:00am-1:00pm, this event is still on for now. We’ll let everyone know if this event will also need to be cancelled or rescheduled by the end of March.

For more info about COVID-19: MA DPH Info | City of Boston Info
Please note that for now, anyone over the age of 60 has been asked by the state to self quarantine.

Find tips to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like the flu and COVID-19 by clicking here.

Coming Soon: Intergalactic Trading Post

Coming Soon: Intergalactic Trading Post

Meet Nathan Wright, a Roslindale resident and former punk, who is planning on opening a multi-use community and resource space for everyone called the Intergalactic Trading Post at 65 Poplar Street (formerly the Treasure Chest).

“I want this space to be one of those subculture hang-outs that used to exist,” he said. Nathan’s Intergalactic Trading Post will host Dungeons and Dragon games, potentially be a play space for young children, host art shows, and more.

Nathan is also renting a space upstairs in the same building (4252 Washington Street), which is an open source software company that will focus on sharing driveways, sort of like an “AirBnB for parking”.

If you want to learn more about the Intergalactic Trading Post, get in touch with Nathan at