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Business Interview During COVID-19 Pandemic: Jim Nichols of Krupa Insurance

Written interviews and Facebook Live interviews with local business owners have been organized and written by members of the RVMS Marketing Committee. We will continue to share these interviews frequently as part of a series to share how best to support local businesses in Roslindale during this challenging time.

Even during these uncertain times, having good insurance provides peace of mind.  This is why Krupa Insurance is still doing business on Corinth St, although their doors are closed to walk-in customers.

“I’m trying to limit people coming in, said Jim Nichols of Krupa Insurance.  “But we are still able to support our customers.”

When Gov. Charlie Baker ordered all non-essential businesses to close down until April 7, Nichols was originally going to work from home.  However, his wife was also working from home, and he thought it would be better for both of them if he still worked out of his office with the front door locked.

Nichols has noticed over the last week that as more people are working from home, they have more time to think about and make long-term financial decisions for their families now.  While he hasn’t taken any car accident claims recently - as there are not many people driving now, his customers are buying cars and buying out car leases.  

They are also refinancing homes, and banks are still requesting insurance papers.  Nichols notes that many of these claims were already in the pipeline weeks ago. He says that the claims are not driven by a potential recession, but rather interest rates are so low right now, and people have the time to get their paperwork together to finalize the process.

“We have been able to serve people night and day,” Nichols said. “If they have a question, we are here to answer them.”

And he literally means this.  Nichols said that while he and his wife were watching the popular docuseries, Tiger King, on Netflix last Saturday night at home, someone contacted him about a cracked window.

“The customer was surprised that anyone answered,” he said.  “But, I answered the phone and his questions.”

Like everyone, Nichols wants this pandemic to end soon.  But, in the meantime, Krupa Insurance is available for all your insurance needs.

“We’re here,” Nichols said. “With the magic of email and phones, we’re here to help.”

More information: email krupainsurance@comcast.net, website: krupainsurance.com and phone: 617-323-6900.