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Business Interview During COVID-19 Pandemic: Ben Warner of YMAA Boston

Written interviews and Facebook Live interviews with local business owners have been organized and written by members of the RVMS Marketing Committee. We will continue to share these interviews frequently as part of a series to share how best to support local businesses in Roslindale during this challenging time.

Maintaining good physical and mental health can be hard when you are self-quarantining at home while fearing the unknowns of the coronavirus.  The physical studio for Yang’s Martial Arts Association of Boston (YMAA) has been closed to in-person classes since March 14, but they are now offering online classes to keep everyone fit.

“It’s important now to support people on a community level,” said Ben Warner of YMAA Boston.

Using Zoom, YMAA is offering four kids’ Kung fu classes and several adult classes in Kung fu, Qigong, meditation, kettlebell, and Tai Chi per week.  Students can view prices and schedules and purchase classes on their website at ymaaboston.com or call or text at 617-363-9622. Students would first need to download Zoom onto their computer or phone to participate in classes, and a password is needed to enter the classes.  Sliding scale payments are also available for those who can’t afford the listed prices.

“Classes are our main sources of income, but we still want to help out those students that can’t afford tuition,” Warner said.  “People are welcome to donate to us and support those students in need by contacting us.”

Luckily, no one at YMAA has been laid off because of the studio closure, as most of them are contract workers.  Many of them have their own private clients or work full-time somewhere else and teach a few classes at YMAA.     

Warner also said the classes are great for parents working from home who need to keep their kids occupied. YMAA’s classes can also be an alternative for adults that need to take their regular exercise indoors.  While Kung fu is known for being a person-to-person contact practice, Warner says there is a lot more to it.

“There is a lot of movement you can do on your own,” Warner said. “You can work on your physical strength, calming the body and mind, and learn how to move in different ways.  We show you how to do all of this in our online classes.”

More information: website: ymaaboston.com; call or text at 617-363-9622; email: info@ymaaboston.com.