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Boston Main Streets Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

April 1, 2020

The impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic have created an economic crisis for the small businesses that are the heart and soul of Boston’s 20 Main Streets districts. More than ever, those small businesses, their owners, and their workers are in need of our support to manage through this crisis.

To assist in this challenging time, the Boston Main Streets Foundation (BMSF) has established a $100,000 COVID-19 Response Fund for small businesses in need. Crowdsourcing efforts with Patronicity will raise additional funds above this base contribution in an effort to reach as many small businesses as possible. This fund will distribute $1,000 grants to individual businesses with the following conditions:

1) Businesses with ten or fewer employees showing financial need amidst this economic crisis
[Preference given to businesses with 5 or fewer employees]

2) Business must be located in a Boston Main Streets district

3) Businesses that are “sole proprietors” are encouraged to apply

4) Businesses based in face-to-face/in person contact
[Example: salons, barber shops, retailers with little or no online sales, etc.]

5) Businesses that fall into the following categories: services, dry goods, and other “non-essential” retail businesses [While the BMSF wishes to support all businesses in need, the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund is not currently targeted to bars and restaurants, as there are other emergency funds targeting those sectors such as the Boston Restaurant Strong Fund. Additional resources for small businesses can be found on the City of Boston’s Economic Development website.]

6) There is no reporting requirement for these grants

7) Grants can be used to pay employees or pay the business owner/manager themselves; pay business rent and/or utilities; buy for inventory /goods to resell; pay other business expenses

8) Businesses with an "Immigration Tax ID Number" are fully eligible

The application for small businesses to apply for funding goes live on April 1, 2020, with a preliminary application deadline of April 10, 2020. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis after April 10 if funds remain available.

All small businesses selected for grants will be required to provide a W9 as a prerequisite of their funding.

In these unprecedented times, the BMSF is striving to provide much needed support directly to small local business owners. Please reach out your Boston Main Streets Director (director@roslindale.net) with any questions regarding the COVID-19 Fund or additional City resources.

We’re all here to support you in this time of need.