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Support RVMS and show your Rozzie Pride on Zoom!

Support our 2020 Spring Appeal! Download these Roslindale-themed Zoom backgrounds and making a donation to RVMS at roslindale.net/become-a-supporter.  Show your Rozzie pride in your Zoom meetings with these videos and images from around the Square while supporting our work to help Roslindale Village businesses when they need it the most.

Step 1. Make a $5, $10 or $20 donation to RVMS or donate a custom amount - no donation is too small.

Step 2. Then, click the links below and drag & drop each image to your desktop!

Step 3. Upload your cool new Roslindale Zoom background to your Zoom account to show your Rozzie pride during meetings.

Click here to view a Folder filled with downloadable Zoom Rozzie Video Backgrounds.

Click here to download Zoom background of the view of the Square from Alexander the Great Park.
Click here to download a Zoom background of the kiosk on Poplar Street and Wallpaper City.
Click here to download a Zoom background of Roslindale's Shop Local mural photographed by Rozzie's own Chris Lang.
Click here to download a Zoom background of the top of Rozzie's traffic sculpture which is located at the intersection of Belgrade Avenue, Corinth Street, and Roberts Street.