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Bid on your favorite item! - a Rozzie weekly auction

Written by RVMS Marketing Committee Member Becky Sniderman 

Local business-owner Elizabeth Swanson, of Birch Street House and Garden (BSHG), pivoted to hosting weekly Facebook live auctions to encourage her customers to bid on their favorite, quirky items and either have them delivered by hand to their door or pick them up curbside at the store. When quarantine first began, it felt like we’d have a few weeks at home, being able to enjoy the lack of commute and venturing into the cold. But the days turned into weeks, then into months, and we all quickly began to feel isolated, unable to support our favorite spots in the Square like before.

My wife and I began regularly watching the Facebook live events, enjoying Elizabeth’s charming way of welcoming each attendee and ability to show a wide variety of her collection. We decided that our best way to support Elizabeth while adding fun items to our home would be to try to bid on what we considered the “weirdest” option each week. At times we’d focus more on practical, useful items, such as when we purchased adorable German-style, wooden ornaments that we plan to ship to relatives in the winter. But, our “weird” obsession always stayed in the back of our mind until we bid on what Elizabeth termed a “creepy” pig cookie jar, that a regular customer gave to her for resale. She even commented as we picked it up, “I knew you’d go for that one!”

Gertrude the pig now sits proudly atop our fridge, watching over us as we cook and bake. Each time I walk by her I can’t help but smile since she’s so unique and a special Rozzie treasure that we found.

I highly recommend following BSHG on Facebook and joining the upbeat and fun Facebook live events on Thursday evenings! It’s a great way to find gifts for you, your home, and your garden while also having a chance to interact with fellow Rozzidents. 

I’m excited to continue to brighten my Thursday evenings with BSHG’s Facebook live events and will be stopping by the storefront soon to pick up birthday and holiday cards!


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