Featured: Weekday Vendor App

Weekday Pilot Market Series Vendor App

Did you know that our farmers market team is planning a Weekday Pilot Market?!

The market will take place on the first Wednesday of the month from August-November in Adams Park from 2:00-6:00pm. Our vendor application for this pilot series is open and vendors are being scheduled on a rolling basis. Visit:  bit.ly/WeekdayPilotMarketApp to apply.

We also still have three sponsorship spots open for this series! Email farmersmarket@roslindale.net for more information on sponsor opportunities.

Weekday Pilot Market Vendor App

RVMS 2021 Weekday Pilot Market Series Vendor Application

The RVMS Farmers Market team is planning a pilot series of monthly weekday markets!

Following suggestions from local businesses and residents that a weekday market would support their needs, we are running a pilot market on the first Wednesday of each month from 2:00-6:00pm from August to November in Adams Park. We anticipate hosting between 7-10 vendors at each of these markets. Market dates are scheduled for August 4th, September 1st, October 6th, and November 3rd.

The vendor application for this series of weekday markets is now open. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Apply at bit.ly/WeekdayPilotMarketApp

We’re also seeking sponsors for this series. If your business is interested in learning more, email RVMS Farmers Market Manager Steve Marcelin at farmersmarket@manager.net.

Featured: Welcome Alix

Welcome New RVMS Executive Director Alix Voyajopoulos

Roslindale Village Main Street’s Board of Directors is excited to announce the appointment of Alix Voyajopoulos as its next Executive Director!

“The community of Roslindale means so much to me. I moved to the United States from Greece when I was six years old; Roslindale Village quickly became a centerpiece of my life in Boston,” said Alix Voyajopoulos. “As a family, we would frequent the Greek bakery and Greek fish market. More recently, I spent nearly every free moment completing my yoga teacher training at Akasha Yoga Studio. All in all, the Village has always been an important part of my life, and I am excited to have the opportunity to lead such a great organization.”

New RVMS ED Alix Voyajopoulos

Welcoming RVMS’s new Executive Director Alix Voyajopoulos!

Roslindale Village Main Street’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Alix Voyajopoulos as its next Executive Director. Alix is coming to RVMS after successful stints working for an ed-tech start-up, CozyKin, where she led the innovation of the B2B arm for both product and sales; and as an independent consultant specializing in growth, marketing, and sales strategy for small and start-up businesses. Additionally, Alix currently serves as a Committee Member for the Dedham Master Plan. 

“Alix is a positive, energetic, and thoughtful leader,” said RVMS Board President Anthony Giordano. “The board is excited to work with Alix, and we are confident that RVMS, under her guidance, will be in a great position to thrive in the years to come.”

“The community of Roslindale means so much to me. I moved to the United States from Greece when I was six years old; Roslindale Village quickly became a centerpiece of my life in Boston,” said Alix Voyajopoulos. “As a family, we would frequent the Greek bakery and Roslindale Fish Market. More recently, I spent nearly every free moment completing my yoga teacher training at Akasha Yoga Studio. All in all, the Village has always been an important part of my life, and I am excited to have the opportunity to lead such a great organization.”

As Executive Director, Voyajopoulos will work closely with our dedicated office staff and the RVMS board to promote Roslindale Village as an attractive place to live, shop, eat, and play.

Un Nuevo Comienzo by Rosalinda Calmo Pablo

Un Nuevo Comienzo (A New Beginning) by ROSALINDA CALMO PABLO

Rosalinda, a student at The English High School in Boston, was born in the U.S. but grew up in Guatemala. She has recently returned to the U.S. and settled in Rozzie with family, but her parents remain in Guatemala. She is 16 years old and will be a Junior in the Fall. Rosalinda’s poem explores her experience of coming back to Boston without her parents but feeling a deep connection to them as she walks the streets of Roslindale, the same streets her parents walked when they first emigrated here years ago. Rosalinda has also submitted her poem to the Boston 100 word poetry contest.


“Un Nuevo Comienzo”

Por Rosalinda Calmo Pablo

Llegas a un nuevo país, todo es nuevo para ti y es difícil sentirte cómodo.

Decides salir a caminar para escapar de esa tormenta de emociones y sentimientos.

Te das cuenta que el parque del centro de Roslindale es pequeño, pero hermoso, la estación de Otoño le da un color vintage al lugar.

Notas que hay personas pasando el rato con sus amigos e incluso paseando a sus mascotas.

También hay personas que se bajan en la parada que está en la esquina de la gasolinera, probablemente vienen de la estación de Forest Hills el cual tiene un reloj enorme en la cima y cada que paso miro la hora que marca.

El hecho de pensar que posiblemente he pasado por lugares donde mis padres pasaron cuando estaban aquí me hace suspirar.

La sensación que Boston me brinda me hace sentir como si una parte de mi familia estuviera conmigo.

Aquella sensación que te hace sentir como si Boston te abraza y te da la bienvenida permitiendote comenzar de nuevo. 


“A New Beginning”

By Rosalinda Calmo Pablo

When you come to another country, everything is new and uncomfortable.

You decide to walk to escape that storm of emotions and feelings.

You realize that Roslindale Square is small, but beautiful. Autumn gives everything a vintage color.

You watch people get off the 36, coming from Forest Hills, the huge clock marking the hour.

I sigh, knowing that I am passing through the same places my parents did, when they were here. Boston makes me feel that a part of my family is here with me. Boston hugs me and welcomes me to begin again.


Letter from the ED: Goodbye and Much #ROSlove

Letter from the Executive Director:
Goodbye and Much #ROSlove

Dear Roslindale Village,

It is with many mixed emotions that after five and a half years at Roslindale Village Main Street, I am resigning from my position as Executive Director. My last day at RVMS will be Tuesday, April 20th.

It’s been a joy to organize and create with all of you — from scrappy pop-ups in vacant storefronts to helping fill the historic Roslindale Substation with a beer hall (actually, TWO beer halls), from the Holiday Market on Birch Street to a soon-to-be permanent tactical plaza — RVMS has proven to be an innovative bunch since 1985, and we will continue to be creative and resilient during this leadership transition and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic recovery period for our business district. Our Board of Directors is strong and talented and our office staff (Steve + Tess!) are hard-working and wonderful. I encourage you to get involved, too — either by volunteering or donating towards our Spring Appeal. Be sure to attend our Annual Meeting on April 13th, and learn more about our work of the past year and into 2021. 

The ED position is one of the most fulfilling and exhilarating roles I’ve ever played in my professional life. If you are a resourceful, energetic, grounded, people-person who loves Roslindale — I encourage you to apply for the Executive Director position and/or share the application with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues. 

Thank you for sharing the #ROSlove with me throughout the years, and I’ll see you around the neighborhood soon. 


Alia Hamada Forrest

March 2021 Business Updates

March 2021 Business Updates

  • J&P Dry Cleaners closed their Roslindale location at 4166 Washington Street earlier this month. Folks who miss J&P Cleaners services can still visit them at their Jamaica Plain location and/or utilize their pick-up and delivery services here: http://www.jpdrycleaners.com/pick-up–delivery.html. Businesses interested in renting this space can check out our Commercial Vacancies Map for information on this vacant storefronts and others in the neighborhood.


  • The owners of J&P Dry Cleaners are now renting the former Jay’s Jewelers storefront at 46 Corinth Street. Their new business is called Vargas Multi-Services where they provide notary public services, tax prep, translation services, and payroll support. You can reach them at VargasMultiServices@gmail.com to learn more.


  • Evidence of Trust, an African International Market selling imported goods from the continent, has now opened at 65 Poplar Street. The owner, Fumi, let us know that the most popular product they sell are large bags of dried beans. You can find instant fufu mix, bulk spices, tea, sardines, and all kinds of cooking oils here — check out Roslindale’s newest foodie destination soon! Call 781-492-5463 for more information.


  • Roslindale Barber Shop owner Anderson Diaz recently purchased the convenience store next door to his business at 4252 Washington Street. Currently called V&D Variety, be on the lookout for a makeover soon.

Essay on Roslindale from our BHA teen employee Luke

Essay from RVMS teen employee Luke on living in Roslindale

At the end of 2020 and with the support of State Representative Nika Elugardo, RVMS was granted $10,000 (as were other Main Street Organizations in Nika’s District) by the Boston Housing Authority to pay young people (15-24) who live in the BHA Archdale Community in Roslindale to work at small businesses in the district. RVMS was able to place teens at local businesses (including Birch St. House & Garden, Shaking Seafood, Workhub at the Substation, and Roslindale Village Main Street) at the end of 2020. RVMS’s employee, Luke, has been an asset to our office, and especially to the 2021 Pre-order and Pick-up Winter Farmers Market! Shared here is an essay that Luke wrote about his experience as a teenager living in Roslindale.

My experience living in Roslindale has been nothing but fantastic opportunities and great hobbies to look forward to. One of the hobbies I enjoy is casually going for a walk in the Arnold Arboretum, which has phenomenal views and is a great place for a picnic. When I’m walking in the Arboretum, I always see other people running, walking their dogs, or chatting amongst themselves and having a wonderful time.

Another hobby I really enjoy is going to FitChoice 24/7. I love the staff there because they really care for their members. The gym is always clean, very well organized, and taken care of. Roslindale always needed a gym, especially one that is open 24/7. Going to the gym allows me to meditate, and stay healthy mentally and physically. I always enjoy an early workout to start off the day, and it helps me to keep pushing myself.

Over the years in Roslindale, I have slowly started to see more businesses begin to move in. The Roslindale I knew 5 years ago was dried out with businesses coming and going, but today it looks totally different. Roslindale keeps improving as time goes on. I’m also glad the old bridge around Forest Hills was taken down a few years back. That bridge was problematic, and it made Forest Hills less attractive at the time. If you look at Forest Hills now, it’s a beauty. One of the biggest perks living in Roslindale has to be transportation. You will get where you need to go, as long as you want to. Bus stops are everywhere and very easy to find.

What I would love to see more of in Roslindale is to keep the farmers markets moving, because they really bring the community together. It’s good to see more people able to get out and socialize. The farmers market is part of what makes that possible, and I thank them for putting the work in each and every week to go above and beyond.

Bringing new products and new ideas to Roslindale is the way to go. It keeps things interesting in the neighborhood and people won’t get bored of the same things. Bringing new ideas to the table is a way to keep Roslindale and its community busy and moving forward. 

New Business Highlight: Gorgeous Event Rentals

New Business Highlight: Gorgeous Event Rentals

A big Rozzie welcome to Gorgeous Event Rentals, now located at 42 Corinth Street. Owners Shalonna Wright and Richard Beatty have been running this local event rental business for 2 years now, mostly out of their home in Dorchester. Their new space in Roslindale is their first storefront location. “We are loving the community feel of the Square so far — our new neighbors and residents have been stopping by to welcome us as we move into the space,” they shared.

Gorgeous Event Rentals rents out tables, chairs, backdrops, sofas, and even thrones, for gatherings like showers, birthday parties, and weddings. Although COVID-19 has stopped a lot of family and community events from happening, this new business in Roslindale will help folks jazz up their smaller intimate “bubble” events for now. Gorgeous Event Rentals also offers private event space rental of their storefront for very small events (10 or less people). 

For more information about pick-up options, space rental, and about their business, check out their website and follow them on Instagram

Email: Gorgeouseventrentals@gmail.com
Phone: 617-410-6503

Festive #ROSlove Window Art Series

Festive #ROSlove Window Art Series

In October 2020, members of Roslindale Village Main Street’s Design Committee met (virtually) with Mandee Made, a window, sign, and mural artist to brainstorm a series of window art pieces that would be placed at eight different storefronts scattered around the Square.

“We want these to be selfie-friendly, seasonal, and promoting peace, love, and shopping, eating, and drinking locally,” said RVMS Executive Director Alia Hamada Forrest.

During the last two weeks in November (#ShopSmall Saturday is November 28th!), you may see artist Mandee Rae Martin out and about Roslindale Village painting windows at: Studio M, FitChoice 24/7, Shanti Restaurant, the RVMS Office, Mi Finca, Blue Star Restaurant, Joanne Rossman: Purveyor of the Unnecessary & the Irresistible, and Distraction Brewing, Co. These beautiful pieces will stick around throughout the holiday shopping season, and depending on the weather, may last even longer. Once Mandee is finished with all eight storefronts, be on the look out for a winter wander scavenger hunt we will share in our e-newsletter! Our hope is to add a little sparkle to the Square during these darker days of colder weather, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This project was made possible thanks to the Boston Main Streets Foundation, The Cooperative Bank, and supporters like you.