Market FAQs

Winter Farmers Market FAQs

Basics & Safety 

Do I need to wear a face-covering or mask to the RVMS Farmers Market?

Yes, face coverings are required at the Farmers Market and in all public spaces in Massachusetts.

Where do I enter the ABCD Parking Lot for the Winter Farmers Market?

Shoppers should enter the Farmers Market only through the Birch Street entrance.

Where do I exit?

Please exit only through the Cohasset Street gate facing the Bank of America.

How many shoppers are allowed inside the market at one time?

Shoppers must stay on the sidewalk on Birch Street and follow the markings that will indicate physically distanced spaces (like in many grocery stores) so that we can maintain at least 6 feet between people at all times. Following the City's guidelines, we can allow 40-45 shoppers inside the market at one time. 

What are the hours of the Farmers Market?

The market will still happen every Sunday from 12:00 pm-2:00 pm starting January 17th and running through March 28th, as long as we are able to operate safely and in the best interest of public health. There will be a curbside pick-up option for shoppers that have preordered and prepaid.

Is there a designated time frame for senior  and at-risk individuals to shop at the Farmers Market?

 No.  The duration of the market is two hours, we will have the staff to help seniors and at-risk individuals. We highly recommend preorder and prepaid if possible to reduce exposure. 

Will there be any programming at the Farmers Market?

No. Our Winter Farmers Market will not include any programming.

Is it required that I wash my hands when I am at the Farmers Market? 

 Yes, there will be hand washing stations at the market. Upon entry and exit of the market, all shoppers must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.

Should I come to the Farmers Market with my family?

Only one household member should come to the ABCD Parking Lot to shop the market this year. We look forward to a time when our market can be a place for neighbors & our community to gather together.

Can I bring my dog to the market?

No. Though we've enjoyed seeing your furry friends in past years at the market, dogs are NOT allowed at the market this year. 

Can I bring my own bag?

You may bring your own bag, but vendors & their employees, as well as market staff & volunteers are prohibited from handling reusable bags. Your bag must stay on your person for your own use -- no bagging of food items by the listed parties using your reusable bag is allowed.

Can I eat a snack inside ABCD Parking Lot?

No. Eating inside the lot is prohibited.

Shopping at the market 

How can I pre-order online from Farmers Market vendors each week?

Each week, we will publish an document with vendor & online ordering information on the Farmers Market section of our website in the "This Week's Pre-order & Pick up Winter Farmers Market" tab. We'll share this document in our E-newsletter (sign up here) and on Facebook. Visit that page weekly for a list of that week's vendors and their pre-order options. 

Can I shop if I did not pre-order for the market? 

Yes, shoppers will be able to shop without pre-ordering.  However, we recommend that shoppers place pre-orders using our Online Ordering Document for an optimal & efficient experience every Sunday. 

Can I use my SNAP/ HIP benefits?

Yes, all of our produce farms are SNAP/HIP certified. Please contact them to make arrangements for EBT/ SNAP purchasing.

If I don't use e-mail, how can I find a list of each week's vendors?

There will be a poster in the RVMS Kiosk outside of Wallpaper City on Poplar Street with a complete vendor list. We will do our best to update that list with any vendor cancellations.

Can I sample food at the market?

No. Vendors are not permitted to offer samples of products throughout the COVID-19 response in the State of Massachusetts. All prepared foods will be pre-packaged.