Small Business Resources

Boston Main Streets is part of the the Mayor's Office of Economic Development.  Released in 2016, the City's first ever Small Business Plan identified the top needs of Boston's small businesses, as well as opportunities to create strategies to meet those needs. In January 2017, the City of Boston introduced a workshop series for small businesses that addresses several needs of the small business community, including increased contracting opportunities, strategic programs for immigrant business owners and entrepreneurs, and a focus for key growth business segments designed to support smaller restaurants and retailers.

If you are looking to start a business in Roslindale and beyond, please take a look at the tools offered by the Mayor's Office of Small Business DevelopmentThrough the City’s online resource, the Office of Small Business Development will connect you with the right people or appropriate city agencies and provide assistance with permitting, licensing and other business challenges you might have.

To request assistance and learn more, please call our Neighborhood Business Manager Abby Furey at (617) 635-0313 or visit the City's Office of Small Business Development website. If you need extra assistance, RVMS can connect folks with the right people in City Hall, thus speeding up the response time to a problem. The City views RVMS as speaking for constituent concerns and helping to advocate for constituent concerns -- not as the entity expected to fix or solve those concerns. 

On-Site Business Assistance

The City of Boston offers the following services for small businesses:
  • Financial management: assistance setting up books and tracking finances
  • Business planning and growth
  • Marketing and customer experience
  • Legal consulting: HR and contract assistance
  • Operations consulting--inventory management, POS systems, etc.
  • Energy Saving tools
Examples of businesses assisted:
  • Accessories business with in-store and online sales that implemented a business growth plan with their team.  Sales on track to double in two years.   
  • Hair salon that improved their customer retention through better communication tools and branding.  
  • New restaurant owner who improved his financial management to better track his expenses and revenue.  
Download a flyer about the City of Boston's On-Site Business Assistance Program.

Download an up-to-date list of On-site Business Assistance Providers.

More Helpful Information

Here are some convenient phone numbers, contacts, and tools so biz can get in touch with City quickly about these kinds of issues:

  • If you are looking to open a business in Roslindale and have a question about permits or licensing within a Main Street District, call Abby Furey, our Neighborhood Business Manager, at (617) 635-0313.

  • Dial 3-1-1: 311 is an easy-to-remember telephone number that connects you with highly-trained Constituent Service Center representatives who are ready to help you with requests for non-emergency City services and information. This Phone line is open 24/7, 365 Days a week. Or, download the 311 App for your smartphone and start taking photos of neighborhood problems that get sent directly to the Public Works database. Very reliable.

  • Office of Neighborhood Services (ONS): The ONS staff attends and schedules community meetings, assists residents and businesses with city services, shares important information directly with neighborhoods, and helps the City respond to emergencies. The Roslindale Neighborhood Liaison is Daniel Murphy and you can contact him by calling (617) 635-3307.

  • District 5 City Councilor Tim McCarthy’s office: (617) 635-4210

  • E-5 Boston Police Department: (617) 343-4560

Looking to start a Business in Roslindale? Be sure to read the community demographics reports we have on hand.